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ASUS EEE PC 4G 701 Netbook
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: ASUS
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ASUS EEE PC 4G 701 Netbook
December 16, 2008

The Basics (continued):

The images below show the EEE PC 4G 701 opened up and ready for use. The unit shipped with a plastic cover taped over the display, and everything about it really did seem new. The seven inch LCD display may appear bigger than it really is, and that may be a clever trick employed by ASUS. The stereo speakers are located on either side of the display, and the black plastic bezel may make it look like the screen is an inch or two bigger.

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The keyboard and touchpad layout are quite typical in terms of arrangement and function, and the only difference is the scale. The small size of this computer requires a more compact keyboard, and while all the typical keys are there, they are just much smaller. The keys felt much more robust than I expected, and actually seemed to be of higher quality than many more expensive notebook computers I have used. Each key had a firm response, and the keyboard as a whole didn't flex or make too much noise.

Other features on this part of the EEE PC 4G 701 include a chromed power switch just below the display, and a series of LEDs along the front edge of the housing that indicate power, battery status, hard drive activity, and wireless connectivity.

The next set of images take a look at the underside of the ASUS EEE PC 4G 701 netbook, where most of what you are going to see are stickers. A compartment in the center of this surface is where you gain access to the system memory, and on certain models, to an additional SSD (solid state drive) connection. Removing two screws, and breaking a sticker that lets you know the warranty is now void, is all it takes to gain access to this area. Once inside I was a bit disappointed to find a single "SiS" brand 512MB DDR2 667MHz module... and nothing else. This unit will not support an additional SSD in order to supplement the 4GB of internal storage.

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The overall look and feel of the EEE PC 4G 701 netbook provided for review are top notch. Refurbished or not, ASUS has created a high quality product that drastically shrinks the size and price of notebook computing. The unit could physically pass for new, and hopefully it continues to impress in use.

Before moving on, it seemed like a good time to show just how small the ASUS EEE PC 4G 701 netbook is. In the images below it is shown with a 17" ASUS notebook computer that looks like it could eat a EEE PC for dinner, with room left for dessert. This "fullsize" notebook looks to be about 3-4 times bigger, and weighs significantly more than the EEE PC.

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