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Antec Fusion Media Center Case
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Antec
Source: Antec
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Antec Fusion Media Center Case
July 05, 2007

Internal Inspection (continued):

The motherboard area of the case is a little tight, which limits it to only mATX motherboard compatibility. The dual 120mm TriCool fans will keep the motherboard and CPU cool, and the small white wires seen in the image below are the low-med-high switches that control each fan independently. There are a few pre-installed cable management clips and holes between the "chambers" to help keep the cables tidy.

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The below left image shows the location for up to two hard drives, with silicone grommets for each drive installed for quiet operation. The below right image shows the hard drive area with the top piece removed, where many ventilation holes that will keep the drives relatively cool can be seen.

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Included Accessories:

There are some interesting accessories included with the Antec Fusion Media Center Case. The basics are a driver CD, some screws, and extra parts (like an extra rubber grommet and standoffs). The two interesting pieces are the two black plastic parts. The first is an extension for a CPU cooling divider. Since there are three parts, you can make it different lengths to fit alongside of your specific CPU cooler. The larger black item is for blocking one of the dual 120mm TriCool fans, if desired. Also included are instructions and pamphlets with useful information for installation and operation.

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Power Supply:

The Antec 430W power supply that is included with the Fusion is labeled as "Ultra Quiet". The power supply isn't too large (physically or in terms of power rating), but 430W should be enough for most HTPC systems. Voiding any warranty associated with the power supply, I cracked it open to take a look inside, where we see that it is fairly tidy with two large aluminum heatsinks.

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The 80mm fan inside the power supply is ADDA brand, model # AD0812HS-A70GL, with a rating of 12V DC, 0.25A. According to the specifications on the ADDA website, the fan has a rating of 38CFM and 34dBA, at a maximum of 3,000 RPM. The appearance of the unit is pretty basic, and none of the wiring is wrapped like many of the power supplies on the market today. The connectors available are as follows: 1 x 20+4pin motherboard, 1 x P4, 1 x PCI-E, 6 x 4-pin Molex, 2 x SATA, and 1 x Floppy.

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