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Xclio A380 Super Tower Case
Author: Modulok
Manufacturer: Xclio
Source: Xclio
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Xclio A380 Super Tower Case
March 07, 2007

Interior Inspection:

Inside the A380 there are a few things that look a little different than on other cases. The expansion slot area is tool-less but each slot not accessed individually as with many other tool-less designs. In this design there is a rail that holds all of the cards in place. The below right image shows the hard drive cage and the external 3.5" device bay. The accessory box can be removed if the three other hard drive slots are needed.

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The area where the power supply will be installed is very spacious. Since the A380 is a full tower case there is a lot of room between the power supply and the back of any 5.25" drives. The five 5.25" bays are big enough to keep the USB and audio wires from interfering with any installed drives.

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To remove the front cover there are three tabs on each side that must be pushed inward before it can be slid off. Once the front is removed you can easily remove the covers for the 5.25" bays. On the inside bottom of the front cover is the interior of the 25CM fan. This fan can be removed for cleaning with four screws. It would be a nice feature if this fan had a filter like the side fan.

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The bays where the external devices mount have the standard tear off metal covers. For the two 5.25" devices I am going to install I removed the top two covers. The opening at the bottom, where the 25CM fan is mounted, doesn't look like it will allow that much air to flow through (which makes me wonder how effective it is versus a more common 120mm fan).

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