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Xclio Stable Power 1000W Power Supply
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Xclio
Source: Xclio
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Xclio Stable Power 1000W Power Supply
April 19, 2007

A few years ago, people were proud to show off their 500W power supply as some type of status symbol. Eventually those became common place as systems actually began to need that kind of power. Today, if you are into showing off through your power supply, you need something around 1000W. This is more than enough power to run a system with quad core processors, quad video cards, and multiple hard drives. While you might not presently need 1000W of power, having more is better than not having enough, and purchasing a 1000W unit may be more practical than for just bragging rights.

Xclio is working on making a name for themselves with a line of high quality cases and power supplies, and I recently took a look at one of their power supply units, the Stable Power 500W. I had mixed feelings about that power supply, as it provided solid power, but it put out a good amount of heat and the cables were unwrapped. The 1000W model Stable Power unit is geared for a different class of users, and has many features that you find on higher class power supplies; such as cable wrapping, 80% efficiency, and active PFC.

Before taking a look at the Xclio Stable Power 1000W Power Supply provided for review, let's look at some published data taken from the Xclio website...


Maximum continuous total DC output power should not exceed 1000W
Maximum continuous combined load on +3.3 VDC and +5 VDC outputs shall not exceed 200W
Maximum peak total DC output power should not exceed 1100W
Peak power and current loading shall be supported for a minimum of 12 second
Maximum combined current for the 12 V outputs shall be 70A
Peak current for the combined 12V outputs shall be 70A
+12V Output Distribution:
    +12V1 (1ST channel) > Motherboard
   +12V1 (2ND channel) > CPU
   +12V2 (1ST channel) > AGP or PCI-E
   +12V2 (2ND channel) > IDE, SATA device
    Modular 20+4pins modular connector
    Modular 4+4 connector for 8pins server or 4pins motherboard power
    PCI express * 4PCS
    4 Pins Molex connector * 8PCS
    SATA * 8PCS
    Floppy * 1PC


Maximum Power: 1000W
Fans: 1 * 14cm
PFC: Active
Dual 12V: Yes
Power Good Signal: 100-500ms
Efficiency: 80% under full Load at nominal input voltage
Over Voltage Protection: YES, +3.3V, +5V and +12V.
Overload Protection: YES, +3.3V, +5V.
Input Voltage: Auto voltage detection 90V.~264V.(850W) / 100V.~264V.(1000W)
Output: +3.3V@25A;+5V@30A;+12V1@35A;+12V2@35A;-12V@0.5A;+5VSB@3.0A
MTBF: 100K hrs minimum, 25? ambient

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