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OCZ Technology 4GB PC2-5400 Vista Upgrade Edition DDR2
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
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OCZ Technology 4GB PC2-5400 Vista Upgrade Edition DDR2
October 30, 2007

OCZ Technology is one of the premiere names in high performance system memory, and they have been putting out some of the fastest, lowest latency enthusiast grade memory since the year 2000. While we have taken a look at many of their cutting edge products over the years, this review is going to step back and look at memory from a speed class that may seem all but forgotten at this point.

PC2-5400 (DDR2 667MHz) memory is probably far from the minds of computer enthusiasts, as DDR2 and DDR3 have advanced to much higher speeds. But OCZ Technology has a PC2-5400 product that just might appeal to those with a compatible system looking for a serious upgrade in the memory department! The OCZ Technology 4GB PC2-5400 Vista Upgrade Edition DDR2 kit provides two 2GB modules rated at 5-5-5-15 timings that could easily breathe new life into a 'late model' AMD AM2 or Intel based system.

With the increasing computing power provided by 64-bit operating systems of the Linux and Windows varieties, going beyond the typical 2GB of memory may make sense for a large number of users. This kit may be marketed to the Vista operating system specifically, but all you really need is a system that can address all 4GB of memory.

Just about every other OCZ Technology product that has reviewed has come straight from the source, but this 4GB dual channel kit actually comes to us from is a California based retailer that has grown greatly in the first few years it has been in business. They now offer great deals on all the big names you might be seeking, an attempt to live up to their motto of being "The IT Place For Your Latest Technology Needs".

Before taking a look at the 4GB PC2-5400 Vista Upgrade Edition DDR2 provided for review by, let's take a look at some published data taken from the OCZ Technology website...

Features and Specifications:

667MHz DDR2
4GB (2x2048) dual channel optimized kit
Copper Mirrored XTC Heatspreader
Lifetime Warranty
1.8 to 2.0 Volts
240 Pin DIMM
Part Number OCZ2VU6674GK

While the bulk of the specifications may sound like something you would have shopped for in early 2006, the "4GB (2x2048) dual channel optimized" portion definitely adds some appeal. And while they may provide a boost to users with memory intensive applications to run while at stock speed and timings, I am hoping that like most OCZ Technology products that some overclocking and optimizing are possible.

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