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Maxtop 4U ICX-4830B-20BX Rackmount Chassis
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Maxtop
Source: Maxtop
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Maxtop 4U ICX-4830B-20BX Rackmount Chassis
May 16, 2007

The Maxtop Technology Group was founded in 1996, and manufactures a wide variety of different items from clothes, two-way radios, and computer equipment. The computer equipment division is what we are obviously mostly interested in, and past reviews at have covered power supplies, gaming cases and 'standard' cases. One other area where Maxtop has a presence is in server cases from 1U to 5U in size, and we will be taking a look at our first Maxtop rackmount chassis in this review.

In the past, rackmount cases were generally only found in the business world. Corporations have been using rackmount systems for many years, but recently this type of equipment has started to show up in homes. The design of the Maxtop 4U ICX-4830B-20BX Rackmount Chassis provided for review includes features that are commonly found in desktop cases, while other features are definitely more typical of a standard rackmount chassis. This review will take a look at all of the features of the case with an eye toward using it at home and in a more traditional setting.

Before taking a look at the case provided for review, let's look at some published data taken from the Maxtop website...


4U rackmount design Lockable front panel door.
Easy-accessed front changeable air filter.
Replaceable AT / ATX back panel window.
Front-accessible USB ports.
Shock-resistant disk drive bay.
Easy-installed internal 6-bay HDD cage.


Form Factor: 4U chassis support for max motherboard size 12" x 10"
Color: Black
Drive Bays: 3 x 5.25" open, 1 x 3.5" open, 7 x 3.5" HDD internal bay
Expansion Slots: 7 Front Ports: 2 x USB + Audio
Cooling System: 1 x 120mm front fans + 2 x 80mm top fans
Dimensions: 19" x 7" x 18.5" (WxHxD)


Like most 'enterprise class' equipment, this case does not come packaged in retail box. It ships in a plain brown box, with a brief description printed on the outside. Inside the box, the case is well packed and wrapped in plastic so it will not be damaged in transit.

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