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ifrogz Silicone iPod Case
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: ifrogz
Source: ifrogz
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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ifrogz Silicone iPod Case
February 26, 2007

Now that you have joined the iPod revolution, you need to keep your new iPod in the best shape possible; you need to get a cover. But how do you choose a cover that is right for you with all the different types, styles, and colors available? Ifrogz has tried to address the need for a functional case while offering an extensive selection of styles and colors with their line of Silicone iPod Cases. Offered in thousands of color combinations, you are sure to find your color of choice for just about any iPod on the market.

When purchasing a ifrogz Silicone iPod Case you first choose from their selection of "wrapz" which protect the bulk of the iPod's body, you then choose from their selection of "bandz" which wrap around the edge of the iPod adding protection and style, and finally you choose from their selection of "screenz" which are thin sheets of plastic that cover the front face of the iPod. There is an incredible number of combinations when putting these three components together, and their website makes it easy to see your personalized case prior to purchase.

Before taking a look at the ifrogz Silicone iPod Case provided for review, let's look at some published information on the various components...


ifrogz wrapz are the main shell, engulfing the whole iPod while leaving open areas for the click wheel, iPod view screen, and the various buttons or insertion points for the currently supported iPods.


ifrogz bandz surround the ifrogz main shell (called wrapz) and provide added support, protection, and style. The bandz leave open the areas for headphones, etc. for 4th generation iPods.


Ifrogz screenz are a protective sheet of transparent plastic that lays over the whole front of the iPod, protecting the iPod from scratching, wear and tear (especially protecting the iPod's sensitive view screen).


Each 'custom' ifrogz Silicone iPod Case is packed snugly into a zipper bag as shown below. The front of the bag gives some basic company information and a quick glimpse of the wrapz and bandz inside. The package's unprinted backside shows the wrapz, bandz, and the included screenz.

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