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CoolIT Systems RAM Fan and PCI Cooling Booster
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: CoolIT Systems
Source: CoolIT Systems
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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CoolIT Systems RAM Fan and PCI Cooling Booster
July 18, 2007

CoolIT Systems may not be the biggest name in computer component cooling, but with some of their innovative products they have definitely received a good deal of attention in the enthusiast's community. The Eliminator and Freezone are their two flag ship products which combine liquid cooling with thermoelectric cooling to create high performance, low noise cooling solutions for CPUs and GPUs.

While we will soon have a look at the Freezone cooler on, this review will be focused on some of their other cooling accessories. CoolIT Systems also manufacturers some specialty cooling devices intended to air cool specific components in a system. We will be taking a look at their RAM Fan and PCI Cooling Booster, but before looking at the items provided for review, let's look at the published data taken from the CoolIT Systems website...

PCI Cooling Booster Features and Specifications:

Simple to Install:
    Simple bolt-in to any standard 7 slot PCI bay
    Plugs into any available fan header
Cools PCI Components:
    Provides direct airflow to cool all PCI cards to increase stability and reliability
    Guaranteed to reduce temperatures on video cards
    Maximize overclocking potential

RAM Fan Features and Specifications:

Simple to Install:
    Simply clips onto all standard DIMMs
    Plugs into any available fan header
Cools The RAM:
    Eliminates any risk of your RAM overheating.
    Provides the ultimate in overclockability.
Cools Motherboard Components:
    Provides direct airflow across the motherboard to cool heat sensitive components like the chipsets and voltage regulators.

Fan Size: 60x60x10 mm
Airflow: 17.74 CFM
Speed: 4200 RPM
dBA: 31.6
Power: 12V/2W

Looking at the data for both devices you may notice that no specifications are given on the PCI Cooling Booster fan. While I couldn't find concrete evidence on it anywhere, I can tell you it is an 80x80x25mm fan that operates off of 12V power. That's about it.


The CoolIT Systems RAM Fan and the PCI Cooling Booster are sold in very similar packages, each of which features a clear plastic shell that provides a good look at the product and a blue cardboard insert that provides some of the features and specifications.

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