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IWILL ZMAXdp Dual Opteron Small Form Factor Barebones System
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: IWILL
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IWILL ZMAXdp Dual Opteron Small Form Factor Barebones System
December 29, 2006

As technology ages it generally becomes less desirable rather quickly as the newer items on the market offer greater performance and other benefits that consumers want or need. It is rare for a product that is more than a year old to still be of interest, but that is exactly what we have with the item up for review. The IWILL ZMAXdp Dual Opteron Small Form Factor Barebones System has actually reached the end of its life in production, but they are still for sale, and are still quite popular among some enthusiasts. Not something that you can say about many tech products released in 2004, is it?

The ZMAXdp come to us from, one of the few places online that still stocks this barebone kit. In addition to being able to support the computing power of two dual-core Opteron processors (effectively quad-core) in a extremely small housing, the price tag definitely contributes to its continued popularity. Presently on sale for $191.95, it really is an inexpensive foundation to build an extremely powerful system around.

Before taking a look at the IWILL ZMAXdp Dual Opteron Small Form Factor Barebones System provided for review, let's take a look at some of the published data on this item as taken from the website...

Features and Specifications:

Hotrod candy apple red design
Motherboard features:
    Support for dual AMD 64 Opteron CPUs with Hypertransport
    Two (2) extra large solid copper based heatsink and fans
    NVIDIA nForce3 Professional MCP chipset
    Two (2) 184-DIMM slots DDR400/333 SDRAM support
    Maximum 2 GB (PC3200 / PC2700 / PC2100 / PC1600) Registered ECC memory ONLY
    Two (2) SATA connectors
    Two (2) IDE controller
    One (1) FDD controller
    Two (2) 3.5-inch drive bays (internal)
    Mini PCI slot for optional Wi-Fi (bottom side of case)
    Integrated audio
I/O Ports:
    Eight (8) USB 2.0 ports (four on front / four on back)
    One (1) Firewire port
    One (1) 9-pin serial port
    Two (2) P/S2 keyboard/mouse port
    Line in/out, Mic in
Expansion Slots:     One (1) AGP 8 x slot
    One (1) PCI slot
Front Case Panel:     One (1) 5.25 drive bay
    One (1) 3.5 drive bay (for Floppy drive or card reader)
    Four (4) USB ports
    One (1) Firewire port
    Power switch
    Line in/out, Headphone and Mic in
Rear Case Panel:     Two (2) PS/2 ports
    One (1) 9-pin serial port
    One (1) SATA connector
    Four (4) USB ports
    One (1) RJ-45 jack
    Line in/out, Headphone and Mic in
Power Supply: 300 Watt power supply with full support ATX
Unit Dimensions: 8 x 8.25 x 12.5-inches (H x W x L)

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