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Tuniq 2 ATX Case
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Tuniq
Source: Sunbeamtech
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Tuniq 2 ATX Case
July 19, 2006


I was impressed by several aspects of the Tuniq 2. The air duct is a welcome addition that should allow you to cool your system just a bit more. The hard drive cage is a nice way to keep your hard drives out of the way and not block your front 120mm intake fan. The screw holes on the back side panel are a nice touch, as I hate having to remove that panel to secure my drives. Overall the case is well crafted and very sturdy, and would be a welcome addition to any environment given its classic styling.

The biggest thing to take into consideration is the upside down motherboard installation. In my situation, my case sits on my right. That would put the opening against a wall, and the door facing the back of my desk. However, if the computer sits on the left, or is open on the right, this case would work for you.

The inclusion of three silent 120mm fans is what helps this case cool very well. I was concerned about the noise level from the big open window, however the system is still very quiet even with all three fans running. The only noise I was able to pinpoint was from my video card.

The biggest issue I have with the case is due to the fan duct. It assumes your CPU is in one location, and does not lend itself to CPUs being in an alternative location. While this might not be an issue for the majority of motherboards, it will be an issue for some. I was unable to evaluate the air duct on the DFI Expert, even using the AMD OEM fan. The second issue is with the power and hard drive activity LEDs. The glue that was holding these in place came loose and I had to push the LEDs back into their sockets.

After a poor first impression by the Symmetry ATX Case in a previous review, Tuniq had a strong come back with the Tuniq 2 ATX Case!

A search of PriceGrabber did not return any results. However, I was able to find this case for sale at for $74.99 at the time this review was completed. This is a good price for a well built, attractive case.

Given the cooling performance and overall quality I award the Tuniq 2 ATX Case a final rating of "Recommended".


Good cooling potential
Secure drives without removing back panel


Power and Hard Disk activity LEDs came loose
Air duct does not work with off location CPUs
Not tool-less

Special thanks to Sunbeamtech for providing the Tuniq 2 case to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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