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Sumo Lounge Omni Super-Sized Beanbag Chair
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Sumo Lounge
Source: Sumo Lounge
Purchase: Sumo Lounge
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Sumo Lounge Omni Super-Sized Beanbag Chair
September 20, 2006

The Basics (continued):

Other than the outer cardboard box, the Omni is only packaged in a plastic bag, and I am very grateful for this. The delivery driver left the box near the edge of my porch in the middle of a tropical storm, and one side of the box was hit with at least a few inches of rain before I got home to save it. The box dried out with time, and the Omni itself never saw a drop of water thanks to the inner bag.

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The images below show the Omni in all its glory ready for some serious lounging. You can choose from eight colors, and the review sample is what Sumo Lounge calls "Charcoal Green", which is a bit like forest green with some silvery grey tones. As mentioned, it is a 5.5 x 4.5 feet rectangle, and a typical sofa pillow is shown in the below right image for another size reference.

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The images below are intended to show off the heavy duty nature of the Omni. The material is thick and tough, and although there is a texture to the surface it smooth to the touch. The edges are all triple stitched, which should do nicely to minimize the likelihood of a blow out. Have you ever had a beanbag chair pop? Not fun, as the beads go everywhere, cling to most horizontal and vertical surfaces, and can bog down your vacuum in no time. By the looks of things so far, the Sumo Lounge Omni seems ready for a long life without fear of such issues.

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An approximately one foot long stretch along one edge has a extremely heavy duty Velcro closure that conceals a zipper. Working your way through both of these seals is how you access the bead compartment. The tiny white beads don't fill the Omni, but provide enough loft to make it comfortable and flexible enough to be used in the "10 in 1" situations described by Sumo Lounge, and a few more if you're creative.

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