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Thermalright Chill Factor Thermal Paste
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Source: Thermalright
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Thermalright Chill Factor Thermal Paste
November 21, 2006

Thermalright has been on the cutting edge of CPU, chipset, and GPU cooling for years, and many computer enthusiasts swear by their products for the ultimate in cooling performance. Their CPU coolers offer some of the lowest temperatures that air cooling can provide, but there are two things that Thermalright has not provided for their coolers until now... fans and some high quality thermal paste.

I'm not sure if Thermalright will ever offer fans, and although they have included thermal paste with their coolers in the past, it always seemed like the generic white stuff to me. The Chill Factor Thermal Paste is Thermalright's first venture into the premium thermal paste market, and based on their reputation and proven track record with everything else they have done, I have high expectations.

Before looking at the new Chill Factor thermal paste, let's look at some of what Thermalright has to say about it on their website...


» Electrical impedance and thermal resistant
» Contains no health hazardous chemical and non-electrical conductive
» Easy application, spreads easily, and easy to clean
» Contains minuscule thermally conductive particles to fill air gaps with just right amount of consistency that’s not too fluidal and not too thick to prevent CPU from being pulled off its socket during removal of heatsink.
» Generous volume and competitively priced

Technical Specifications:

» Color: White
» Volume: 4.8 ml
» Thermal impedance :0.047
» Life expectancy after use: 12 months

What is of interest to me is that a life expectancy is listed in the specifications. I have believed that paste should be re-applied after a certain amount of time, especially after taking a system apart and seeing the condition of the paste I may have installed just 6-12 months prior. Although some may prefer to believe their paste is good forever since the packaging may not say otherwise, I like that the 12 month life expectancy is provided as an official statement from Thermalright.


We'll quickly look at the basics of the Chill Factor paste and get on to the use and performance. Below we see the packaging, which shows off the product in the front, and provides some of the published data and safety information on the back. Although the Thermalright site says it has no hazardous materials inside, the warnings on the packaging seem pretty serious!

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