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Microsoft Zune 30GB Media Player
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Source: Geeks.com
Purchase: Geeks.com
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March 26, 2010

Geeks.com is home to all kinds of cool electronic gadgets and computer gear, and over the years we've reviewed something from just about every department of their store. This time around we're going to take a stroll down their aisle full of cheap media players in order to take a look at the 30GB Microsoft Zune.

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Microsoft might have been one of the last to the party when it comes to media players, but at this point it doesn't really matter. We're more interested in seeing if the features and specifications are still worth considering today, and whether Geeks.com can offer it at a price to make it even more appealing.

Before taking a closer look at the unit provided for review, let's take a closer look at some published data on the 30GB Microsoft Zune media player, as taken from the product page on the Geeks.com website.


General Features:

Color: Black
30 GB storage capacity
Stores up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 Pictures or 100 hours of Video
3.0-inch QVGA LCD screen (320 x 240)
Screen Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Landscape display mode
Portrait Display mode
Wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing
Control pad
Built-in FM Tuner
Five (5) pre-loaded games: Checkers, Hexic, Space Battle, Sudoku, Texas Hold 'em
Photo Viewer
Zune Marketplace Downloads when configured with a Zunetag and Marketplace Account
Lock Switch
Headphone jack


Supported Standards: WMA, AAC, MP3
Video Formats: WMV
Wireless: 802.11b/g
Wireless sync
USB 2.0 connectivity
Battery: Li-ion rechargeable, built-in
Battery life:
    Music: up to 14 hours (wireless off), 13 hours (wireless on)
    Video: up to 4 hours
    Pictures: up to 4 hours
Battery charge time: 3 hours (2 hours up to 90%)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
I/O ports: Connector port / Headphone jack
Unit Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.3-inches (H x W x D, approximate)

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