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GE 13868 Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch :: Posted On September 23, 2016
GE 13868 Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch
For this mini review we will be looking at the GE 13868 Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch which has a Bluetooth radio built-in. Unlike the other products covered thus far; this unit is actually designed to be used outside when mounted as directed. It is rated for 120V/60Hz service with a 600W incandescent, ½ HP, or 1800W resistive load and operate in a temperature range of 14-104F (-10-40C). Also unlike the previously reviewed items; this device does not need a hub.
HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset :: Posted On September 22, 2016
HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset
The HyperX Cloud Revolver is a high end stereo headset that can be used with just about any device thanks to its use of the 3.5mm audio jack... sorry iPhone 7 users. The closed, over the ear design with 50mm drivers creates a studio-grade sound stage, which allows you to better locate an opponent if you're playing a FPS game. And if you are listening to music it allows you to hear things you didn't before.
GE 12718 Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Dimmer :: Posted On September 16, 2016
GE 12718 Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Dimmer
The GE 12718 Z-Wave Plug-in Smart Dimmer is a great way for people to get their feet wet when it comes to home automation. The installation is far simpler than the in wall types, but you get basically the same performance. With these currently going for around $40, I think it is a great way for people to see if this whole home automation thing is for them before they dive right into messing with their homes electrical system.
Seagate 8TB Backup Plus Hub :: Posted On September 13, 2016
Seagate 8TB Backup Plus Hub
The Seagate 8TB Backup Plus Hub is a very appealing option for anyone that needs a large capacity device to backup their computer, and other devices. It is fast, easy to use, comes with very useful software, and the price is competitive. While testing confirmed it is definitely fast enough to use for frequent access to files you use often, I would say it is best suited for archiving files and the USB 3.0 speeds available will just make the process of getting up to 8TB backed up a quicker operation.
GE 12728 and 12723 Z-Wave Add On Switches :: Posted On September 12, 2016
GE 12728 and 12723 Z-Wave Add On Switches
If the installation of the first in a series of Jasco Z-Wave devices didn't intimidate you then this one might. Many of your lights in your home will be controlled by more than one switch; these are 3-way and 4-way circuits. In order to control these you need to get one or more of the GE Add On Switches. Here we have the Z-Wave GE 12728 In Wall Add On Switch (Toggle style) and the GE 12723 Add On Switch (Paddle style).
GE 12724 Z-Wave In Wall Smart Dimmer Switch :: Posted On September 11, 2016
GE 12724 Z-Wave In Wall Smart Dimmer Switch
The GE Z-Wave in wall smart dimmer switch is a paddle style device, but they also have toggle style switches available. The switches are designed for 120VAC 60Hz and are rated for 600W incandescent or 150W dimmable CFL/LED, and can only be used with copper wiring. Operating temperature range is listed as 32-104F and the Z-Wave range is listed as 100 feet. As expected from a quality manufacturer, the device is also UL listed and comes with a two year warranty.

From Around The Web
GIGABYTE GTX 1060, 1070 & 1080 G1 Gaming Graphics Cards
Today we're in the favourable position of being able to test out and review the entire range of G1 Gaming GTX 10 series graphics cards from GIGABYTE. So no matter which particular GPU you're interested in we should be able to provide you with a definitive verdict as to how these cards compare to other options currently on the market. vortez.net
Kingston SSDnow UV400 480GB SSD
Although certainly not made for professional use due to its rather low IOPS performance the brand new Kingston UV400 480GB offers surprisingly good read & write speeds and an excellent price/capacity ratio making it an ideal storage upgrade for consumers. nikktech.com
In Win 303 Computer Case
The computer building process was enjoyable with the In Win 303. It was really easy to work with, since everything was laid out in pretty standard manner. I first installed the power supply into the PSU chamber. The power supply used for this computer is the SilverStone Nightjar NJ520 520W, which features a fanless design. Thanks to the grille on the right side panel, it is possible to use a fanless power supply like the NJ520. If the right side panel is just a solid piece of sheet metal, the ventilation of the NJ520 would have been blocked, and consequently may cause overheating problems with the PSU. aphnetworks.com
Monster Fatal1ty FxM 200 Headset
Not everyone who plays games is into e-sports, but there is a large following for e-sports in general, especially a few of the most popular games. Payouts are in the millions of dollars and players are starting to become household names. None of today's players though have found the universal success that Fata1ty has. Fatal1ty paved the way for today's players, won twelve world championship titles, was profiled on MTV's True Life TV show, and he created his own brand of products. Thorin did a great video covering it all earlier this year. Johnathan Wendel managed to transition huge success across multiple games into a brand. Over the years we have seen a wide variety of products including motherboards, ram, PSUs, and headsets. lanoc.org
Jabra ECLIPSE Wireless Headset
The latest Jabra ECLIPSE weighs just 5.5g, is among the tiniest wireless headsets in the market and thanks to an charging base it offers up to 10 hours of talk time. nikktech.com
KFA² GeForce GTX 1060 6GB OC Video Card
HardwareOverclock.com has just posted another review. Last week we have taken a look at the KFA² GeForce GTX 1060 6GB OC videocard. hardwareoverclock.com
ECS Z170-LIGHTSABER (Intel LGA1151) Motherboard
ECS has been known to have some rather crazy board names in the past, but none are as crazy as the ECS Z170-LIGHTSABER! With a name like that, you can only naturally expect one thing: a bunch of lights, right? Or will it lean toward the dark side? techpowerup.com
Asustor AS3104T 4-bay NAS Server
The AS3104T is the bigger sibling of the 2-bay AS3102T we reviewed recently. With four bays and a dual-core Celeron processor, the AS3104T is marketed by Asustor as an "all-around multimedia entertainment storage solution" and like the AS3102T it forms part of Asustor's Personal to Home product line. kitguru.net
ECS LIVA One Mini-PC (H110/Skylake)
Here's another $400 option for ultra-small PCs, this time based on Intel's 35W Skylake CPU, the Core i3-6100T. The ECS LIVA One ups the performance a notch compared to past LIVA units, but the ECS LIVA One also ups the size a fair bit. techpowerup.com
Creative Aurvana ANC Headset
Right after installing the battery inside the Aurvana ANC, we wanted to check out the noise cancelling feature, so without having it connected to any audio source, we put the headset on; with the feature turned off, we could hear a low level of background noise coming in both ears but with the noise cancelling on, that noise was completely gone, which is quite impressive. madshrimps.be
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