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NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter :: Posted On January 17, 2017
NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter
Over the years we have reviewed several NewerTech devices and they have typically gotten very favorable reviews. Their accessories tend to be well made with thoughtful designs that actually perform. So today we have one of their newer products, the NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C power adapter. This unit is primarily designed to be a USB C charger that includes an additional USB Type A port to charge all devices.
EZVIZ Mini Plus HD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera :: Posted On December 23, 2016
EZVIZ Mini Plus HD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera
The EZVIZ Mini Plus HD 1080p WiFi home security camera offers surprisingly good performance, and the image quality is second to none when compared to other 1080p cameras I have seen. You can manage your video clips in the cloud, which some people may prefer, but I like the fact that you can also record them locally. While I would prefer to have the ability to record the camera feed to a networked device, the inclusion of a microSD card slot gives me some control back.
AUKEY CC-T7 Dual Port Car Charger :: Posted On December 20, 2016
AUKEY CC-T7 Dual Port Car Charger
AUKEY is continuously developing and expanding their product portfolio to bring you practical, next generation tech to complement and elevate your digital lifestyle. Today we are going to take a look at their CC-T7 dual port USB car charger. This little charger has one port that is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compliant, and one port that is an AiPower Adaptive charging port with dedicated 2.4A output that promises to charge two of your devices quickly.
Ring Stick Up Cam and Solar Panel :: Posted On December 16, 2016
Ring Stick Up Cam and Solar Panel
The Ring Stick Up Cam is roughly the same size and shape as the original Ring Video Doorbell and the feature set is very similar. Packed in the black housing is a 720p camera, a built in battery, night vision capability, motion detection, 2-way audio, and a one year warranty but a lifetime theft replacement policy. What sets this camera apart though is the optional solar panel that runs an additional $49. This really is a game changer.
Rosewill RMS-16003 Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount :: Posted On December 13, 2016
Rosewill RMS-16003 Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount
The Rosewill RMS-16003 is very well designed dual arm monitor mount, that will get your two flat panel displays up off your desk and let you place them exactly at the position you want them. There is plenty of adjustment for height, depth, tilt, swivel, and rotation, and I am personally very pleased with how my matched set of 22" monitors look now. On top of that, you will regain a good deal of desktop real estate, which I may be just as excited about.
NuBryte Touchpoint Smart Home Solution :: Posted On December 12, 2016
NuBryte Touchpoint Smart Home Solution
NuBryte may not be a household name to many, but they are one of the many players in the home automation market that would love to see their product end up in your household. The NuBryte Touchpoint is a wall mounted touchscreen device that installs in place of a typical one or two gang light switch. Once installed, it will provide lighting control, basic home security, and house management features at your finger tips in the convenient location of your choosing.

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MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard
MSI's Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon is the company's take on a mid-range motherboard with features that will appeal to gamers. Noteworthy inclusions are a comprehensive set of RGB LEDs spread across the board, a design which caters for dual-GPU gamers, and the company's smart M.2 Shield cooling plate. kitguru.net
Netgear Nighthawk X10 Wireless AD7200 Router
We've reviewed all kinds of 802.11ac routers here at Hothardware, including audacious tri-band routers that look like spaceships, and more pedestrian dual-band routers too. The recently released Netgear Nighthawk X10 is something different though, as it's the industry's first 802.11ad router. You may not have heard much about 802.11ad prior to the announcement of this router, so here's the skinny; in addition to the standard 2.4GHz B/G/N and 5GHz AC wireless, it can also operate on the 60GHz band, which theoretically allows it to deliver up to 7Gb/s of bandwidth across all three bands, hence the AD7200 moniker. hothardware.com
Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis GTR 360 Radiator
Hardware Labs has been a mainstay in the PC DIY watercooling industry for over 15 years now, with an emphasis on radiators for different needs. Today, we take a look at the new Nemesis GTR 360 for those who want the best possible thermal dissipation performance from their radiators. techpowerup.com
KingFast P600 120GB Portable SSD
KingFast P600 was designed from the ground-up as a fashion element and less of a performer, which can be clearly seen from the test results. In order to keep costs low, the manufacturer did employ TLC NAND so if we start transferring large amount of files or big files to the drive and the SLC buffer fills up, we will get to see notable drops in performance. However, if we are going to use the product to move smaller files around or even install a portable OS on it, then it will operate optimally. madshrimps.be
Amazon Echo
Alexa is an Amazon Echo and wakes me each and every morning with the voices of Jeremy Clarkson and the Grand Tour team getting gradually louder…and it works. "Wake up. Wake Up. Wake up. Wake Up!!" To be quite frank, this Amazon Echo feature alone is worth the price, but it is such a small part of what the Echo is capable of. Apply identified as a Digital Personal Assistant, the Echo wakes when you call her name (Alexa), listens to your question, throws it out to the internet and has the answer…seconds later. But wait, it can also work with smart devices in your home (no more clap clap!), play music from your music library, radio stations, connect to your smartphone for use and music, play games, get you recipes, sing 'Happy Birthday', work as a timer, get you the weather, tell you traffic conditions, tell you the time… technologyx.com
ROCCAT Cross Multi-Platform Stereo Gaming Headset
The first thing I did with the Cross headset was to plug them into my gaming rig and start playing. I generally played combat games and I must say the sound was great. There is not an overwhelming amount of bass, but that is a good thing; the sound remained clear and distinct even in the heat of battle... bcchardware.com
Cooler Master MasterNotepal Maker Cooling Pad
The MasterNotepal Maker cooling pad from Cooler Master offers quite a bit of flexibility regarding installation; the sandblasted aluminum surface helps with the head dissipation thanks to the large ventilation grill, while the fans underneath can be adjusted in the desired positions in order to match the intake vents from your laptop. The Maker version does include a base for adjusting the viewing angles, while the custom stoppers make sure that your laptop will never fall off. The cooling pad is also offered with a removable USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 hub, which can be used in two different modes. madshrimps.be
Samsung 960 PRO NVMe SSD
Samsung's 950 PRO m.2 PCIE SSD set new benchmark records when we tested it here a few months back at Benchmark Reviews. The performance picture got even better we configured a RAID-0 array with two of these drives. Now they've introduced the new Samsung 960 PRO NVMe SSD, with upgraded NAND and a new controller, promising even more spectacular performance. benchmarkreviews.com
Corsair Force MP500 480GB SSD
The storage arm of Corsair has been pretty quiet over the last few months; the last drive we looked at was the Neutron XTi high-end drive back in July 2016. But they are back with a bang at the sharp end with the Force MP500, the fastest SSD drive they have released to date. kitguru.net
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