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EZVIZ Husky 1080P WiFi/PoE Security Bullet Camera :: Posted On February 03, 2017
EZVIZ Husky 1080P WiFi/PoE Security Bullet Camera
The EZVIZ Husky 1080P WiFi/PoE Security Bullet Camera looks like a fairly typical bullet style outdoor camera. It boasts a 1080P resolution and can connect to your network via a wired or Wi-Fi connection. If you opt for wired you can also run just the one cable if you have a PoE injector or switch. With a claimed 100 feet of IR night vision range and motion detection, this does appear to be quite a feature rich camera.
NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter :: Posted On January 17, 2017
NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter
Over the years we have reviewed several NewerTech devices and they have typically gotten very favorable reviews. Their accessories tend to be well made with thoughtful designs that actually perform. So today we have one of their newer products, the NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C power adapter. This unit is primarily designed to be a USB C charger that includes an additional USB Type A port to charge all devices.
EZVIZ Mini Plus HD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera :: Posted On December 23, 2016
EZVIZ Mini Plus HD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera
The EZVIZ Mini Plus HD 1080p WiFi home security camera offers surprisingly good performance, and the image quality is second to none when compared to other 1080p cameras I have seen. You can manage your video clips in the cloud, which some people may prefer, but I like the fact that you can also record them locally. While I would prefer to have the ability to record the camera feed to a networked device, the inclusion of a microSD card slot gives me some control back.
Ring Stick Up Cam and Solar Panel :: Posted On December 16, 2016
Ring Stick Up Cam and Solar Panel
The Ring Stick Up Cam is roughly the same size and shape as the original Ring Video Doorbell and the feature set is very similar. Packed in the black housing is a 720p camera, a built in battery, night vision capability, motion detection, 2-way audio, and a one year warranty but a lifetime theft replacement policy. What sets this camera apart though is the optional solar panel that runs an additional $49. This really is a game changer.
NuBryte Touchpoint Smart Home Solution :: Posted On December 12, 2016
NuBryte Touchpoint Smart Home Solution
NuBryte may not be a household name to many, but they are one of the many players in the home automation market that would love to see their product end up in your household. The NuBryte Touchpoint is a wall mounted touchscreen device that installs in place of a typical one or two gang light switch. Once installed, it will provide lighting control, basic home security, and house management features at your finger tips in the convenient location of your choosing.
Rosewill RMS-16003 Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount :: Posted On December 11, 2016
Rosewill RMS-16003 Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount
The Rosewill RMS-16003 is very well designed dual arm monitor mount, that will get your two flat panel displays up off your desk and let you place them exactly at the position you want them. There is plenty of adjustment for height, depth, tilt, swivel, and rotation, and I am personally very pleased with how my matched set of 22" monitors look now. On top of that, you will regain a good deal of desktop real estate, which I may be just as excited about.

From Around The Web
Western Digital WD Red Pro 5 TB Hard Drive
The WD Red Pro family has models with 3 TB, 4 TB, 5 TB, 7 TB, and 8 TB capacity, all of them with 7,200 rpm, using 3.5" format, SATA-600 interface and 26.1 mm tall. The 8 TB, 6 TB, and 5 TB models have 128 MiB cache memory, while the 4 TB and 3 TB models have 64 Mib of cache RAM. hardwaresecrets.com
BitFenix Whisper M Series 850W PSU
It has been a long time since we reviewed a Bitfenix power supply and at the time I walked away feeling less than impressed with the overall quality and performance of the unit. Today we analyse the relatively new BitFenix Whisper Series 850 watt supply, a pure modular unit with 80 Plus Gold Certification. kitguru.net
Asustor AS3202T Multifunctional 4K Quad-Core NAS Server
A NAS today is much more than just a place to store your data. In fact, if that is all you need then cloud storage is probably enough for you. No, a NAS today offers a lot more opportunities and features compared to just a dumb storage device. Whether is is to serve as a personal mail server, be the hub for all your security cameras or just a place to store and stream your media files from, a modern NAS should manage it all. bjorn3d.com
Shuttle XPC Slim DX30 Barebone System
XPC Slim DX30 is one of the latest passively cooled Mini-PCs from Shuttle, which does sport the Intel Celeron J3355 Apollo Lake dual-core SoC. The barebone can be equipped with no less than 8GB of DDR3L SODIMM RAM, a M.2 SSD, one 2.5'' HDD/SSD while the wireless connectivity is assured by the manufacturer thanks to the preinstalled M.2-2230 WLAN card with Realtek RTL8188EE Controller. The product does feature a lot of interfaces so it can be used at home, in offices but also for industrial applications; in all cases, the overall power consumption is very small thanks to the technological process of the new Intel cores. madshrimps.be
TerraMaster F2-220 2-Bay NAS Server
The TerraMaster F2-220 is an affordable two-bay NAS featuring good performance and nice looks thanks to its aluminum enclosure. This Intel Dual-Core powered storage system uses Linux under the hood and is very energy-efficient with only 12 W power consumed in idle. techpowerup.com
QNAP TBS-453A 4-Bay M.2 SSD NAS Server
QNAP makes a variety of NAS devices that range from smaller desktop models with two drive bays to larger rack mount units with 24 or more drive bays. At CES 2016, QNAP announced the TBS-453A M.2 SSD NAS. Along with M.2 SSDs, the TBS-453A contains a built in four port 1 gigabit switch. Initially, I was a little confused as to where this product would fit in. SSDs are more expensive than traditional mechanical hard drives and on top of it, M.2 SSDs tend to be slightly more expensive than 2.5″ drives. modders-inc.com
Tesoro Gram Spectrum RGB Keyboard
Another keyboard and another brand new mechanical switch, the Tesoro Gram Spectrum RGB Keyboard promises to deliver an optimized keystroke, fast response and accurate actuation - all while being low profile. Available in both white and black, it should be a perfect addition to any setup. techpowerup.com
Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-channel Gaming Soundbar
It is hard to point out any single reason you might need a dedicated gaming sound bar but the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana will help you find one. The Katana is a fantastic sound bar providing clear nuanced sound from a small package which can easily handle my most demanding music and gaming needs. hardwareasylum.com
Last year ADATA introduced their SU800 as part of a complete line of 3D NAND based SSDs. It is their mid-ranged model with the SU900 being their highest end SATA based SSD but comes in at a price point that Is budget friendly as well. The SU800 is also the first 3D NAND SSD on the market from a company that doesn't make their own NAND. So today I'm going to take a look inside the drive and see what it's all about and also test its performance to see how it compares to other SATA based drives. Is this the SATA SSD for your next build? The price is right and they have the capacities, but let's find out. lanoc.org
Cherry MX Board 6.0 Keyboard
Cherry is a name by now you are probably very familiar with. They are the makers of the mechanical key switches that are in many of the best gaming keyboards out there. If you didn't know they also make their own keyboards. The MX Board 6.0 actually still remains their flagship gaming keyboard even though it has been out for a couple years now. Their mechanical switches are known for their amazing quality, so we are really excited to see what a 100% Cherry-made keyboard can do. Let's take a look at the MX Board 6.0 and see what it is all about! thinkcomputers.org
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