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Western Digital Sentinel DX4200 16TB Windows Storage Server
Western Digital Sentinel DX4200 16TB Windows Storage Server
Western Digital has been expanding its presence in the network attached storage market, with a handful of products intended to appeal to the home user, as well as few more intended to appeal to small to medium businesses. A few years back they launched the Sentinel DX4xxx series of 4-bay Windows storage servers, and in this review we will be taking a look at the latest offering in this series - the 16TB Sentinel DX4200.
NewerTech Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet
NewerTech Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet
Today we are going to take a look at something a bit different from the usual items found at, but it could make using all of those other items much more convenient. What we have is the Newertech Power2U AC/USB wall outlet, which will basically replace an existing wall outlet with not just a pair of 3-prong 120V receptacles, but also a pair of USB ports for charging your devices.
D-Link DCH-S150 Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and DSP-W215 Wireless Smart Plug
D-Link DCH-S150 Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and DSP-W215 Wireless Smart Plug
D-Link is perhaps best known for their networking products, but they do have a line of connected home products to complement the routers and access points people may think of first. Today we will be looking at the DCH-S150 motion sensor and the DSP-W215 smart plug. In addition to these two items, they also offer a wireless camera to round out their connected home product line.
Noctua redux and industrialPPC Fan Round-Up
Noctua redux and industrialPPC Fan Round-Up
With the addition of these two new product lines, Noctua now offers a much more comprehensive line up of cooling fans. They have something more like a budget-friendly / entry-level option with the redux line, they still offer their "standard" fans which are considered some of the best fans on the market, and they have the industrialPPC line which offers high end features for energy-efficient / low noise operation even in harsher conditions.
Crucial MX100 256GB Solid State Drive
Crucial MX100 256GB Solid State Drive
For this review Crucial has sent over one of their newest solid state drives, the 256GB MX100. Crucial presently offers three series of SSD - the M500, the M550, and the MX100 - and oddly enough the MX100 series generally fits in between the M500 and M550 when it comes to read/write performance and price. In this review we will see just what you can expect from a drive that Crucial touts as offering "cost-effective mainstream performance".
Thecus N5550 5-Bay NAS Server
Thecus N5550 5-Bay NAS Server
The main thing that impressed me about the Thecus N5550 NAS server was the transfer rates it was able to put up. It consistently topped 100MB/s, and many times it was closing in on 120MB/s. You have the speed to handle anything a home or small/mid-sized business user could need, and with room for 5 drives in a RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 or JBOD configuration, you can be sure to get just the right balance of capacity, redundancy, and speed.

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Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W PSU
While we have been focusing recently on super high power output supplies in excess of 1000 watts, we felt today it was worth revisiting a popular unit sold by Overclockers UK for 85.99 inc vat. The Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W is fully modular with 80 Plus Gold Certification and support for two high end graphics cards - ideal for those building a new SLI or Crossfire system with a budget under 100.
SanDisk 64GB Ultra PLUS and Extreme SD
SanDisk is a flash memory giant, needing no introduction. The latest in the SanDisk SD lineup are the 64GB Ultra PLUS and Extreme cards, targeting different consumers who have varying speed needs. And with very attractive price tags, these little SD cards promise solid value. In a hint of what's to come during testing, the speed results were a very pleasant surprise, despite what the labels might seem to indicate in terms of speed expectations.
Silicon Power Marvel M70 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128GB)
Rarely does one find them self searching through shelves at a store trying to find the best USB flash drive. You have one goal and your focused on that: capacity. Things like looks and speed are sure to follow. What would you say if we told you that you could have all of that and more? How about a USB flash drive with incredible capacity, quick speeds, gorgeous looks and has a decent price tag to boot? Nope, were not joking … welcome the newest gadget to be added to your holiday wish list! Silicon Power Marvel M70 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, at a whopping 128 GB capacity!
CyberpowerPC SYBER Gaming Windows Console
In this review we will be looking at Windows based gaming console from SYBER Gaming called the Vapor A. One of the highlights of CES 2014 was the rumored release of Valve SteamOS and plenty of system builders had systems on display to support Steam gaming in the living room. Many builders adopted the term Steam Machine or Steam Box for this concept and offered up a variety of different system configurations ranging from portable LAN style systems to sleek machines that looked like a home built HTPC.
Asus TP300L Transformer Book Flip
The Asus TP300L Transformer Flip is a 13.3-inch thin and light laptop that doubles up as a Windows 8.1 touch screen tablet. This is a neat trick that hinges, ahem, around the hinge. Instead of simply allowing you to open the screen and fold it back to a comfortable viewing angle you can swing the screen through a full 360 degrees until it ends up on the underside of the keyboard.
Tesoro Durandal Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard
Much like other Tesoro keyboards, the Durandal Ultimate is named after the sword of Charlemagne's paladin, Roland. According to the poem "The Song of Roland", the sword was delivered to Roland by an angel. The hilt of the sword contained a tooth from Saint Peter, blood from Saint Basil, hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Virgin Mary. The sword was also said to be the sharpest of all swords in existence. Unfortunately, we do not have a distinct answer if this sword is actually real, as there is no real evidence to prove its existence.
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD
It's true that in the SATA SSD market we don't get many surprises but if i was to choose a single company that has impressed us time and again with their models that would be Samsung. Now i can't comment on their very first attempts to enter the market (never had the chance to test them out) but the since the 830 models they have introduced features and performance levels not many manufacturers in the market can go up against. For example soon after the award winning 830 models Samsung introduced the much improved 840 models which combined very good performance levels thanks to their TLC NAND flash modules (Samsung was the first to use such technology with consumer oriented SSD models) with a very tempting price tag. Today Samsung has released the brand new 850 series and having already reviewed the high-end 850 Pro model we know that by taking the next step and using 128Gbit 32-layer 3D V-NAND they now hold the first place in the SSD market both in terms of performance and endurance. However since this line is not really aimed towards consumers Samsung just released the 850 EVO line and here with us today we have the 500GB variant.
Cougar 700K Mechanical Keyboard
Cougar has raised the standards for computer peripherals with one of the most current offerings, the Cougar 700K mechanical keyboard. This is a top-tier Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard with not only full backlighting capability, but a slew of options specifically aimed toward gamers. In this article Benchmark Reviews investigates and unveils the features included with the Cougar 700K mechanical gaming keyboard.
MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G Video Card
MSI have long been a stalwart of quality products which has made them a firm favourite for both enthusiasts and system builders alike. Performance users love the brand not only because of the quality of components used but because they are silent and very well cooled. The MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G is one such product that encompasses these values, especially with regard to the cooling with the near silent, redesigned TWIN FROZR V which as the name suggests is the fifth incarnation of their custom heatsink/cooling assembly which we have lauded over in the past. As you will see, this version is no different in this respect.
In Win D-Frame Mini Case
In Win has been known for creating some pretty crazy cases over the past few years. Cases that are not your typical mid tower and really stand out. Some of these cases include the Tou, X-Frame, H-Frame and 904. In Win's original D-Frame was introduced a couple of years ago and it was truly unique. With the popularity of smaller systems, especially mini-ITX systems In Win is back with the D-Frame Mini, a mini-ITX version of their iconic D-Frame case. It features the same aluminum tube framework and open-air design as the original D-Frame, has room for graphics cards up to 340mm, full-size power supplies up to 220mm and even a 240mm radiator. This is one of the most unique cases we have seen all year, let's jump in!
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