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SnapPower Charger Duplex Outlet Coverplate :: Posted On August 17, 2016
SnapPower Charger Duplex Outlet Coverplate
A few months ago we took at look at the SnapPower Guidelight, an electrical outlet coverplate that includes an LED nightlight that does not interfere with the use of either outlet. In this review we have another clever product from SnapPower, this time in the form of their Charger Duplex Outlet Coverplate, a device that replaces your outlet coverplate and adds a single USB outlet suitable for charging your mobile devices.
Kingston HyperX Savage 960GB SATA III SSD :: Posted On August 12, 2016
Kingston HyperX Savage 960GB SATA III SSD
Kingston is the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products, which includes SSDs. They have drives with features for just about any application, but for those looking for the ultimate in performance, they have their HyperX series. In this review, we will be checking out the 960GB HyperX Savage SSD, which is powered by a quad-core, 8-channel Phison S10 controller that gives it read speeds of up to 560MB/s and write speeds up to 530MB/s.
BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dashcam :: Posted On August 10, 2016
BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dashcam
First and foremost the BlackVue DR650S-2CH is a dashcam. The forward looking camera is capable of recording video at 1920x1080 30fps, while recording the stream from the rearward facing cam at 1280x720 30fps. The system also includes built-in GPS, G-sensor, and Wi-Fi. All data is recorded to a microSD card and it can handle up to a 128GB card. There are apps for your mobile devices and software for your Windows or Mac machines.
Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini Wi-Fi Extender :: Posted On August 09, 2016
Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini Wi-Fi Extender
The Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini Wi-Fi extender seems like it could be a very useful device, but I just can't trust that it will be functional when I need it. It worked excellently for close to week, and after that I started experience a few different issues that slowly wore my patience down. At times the EW-7438RPn Mini continues to perform well, offering extended coverage of quick access to the Internet, but not always.
Kingston MobileLite G3 Wireless Card Reader :: Posted On July 27, 2016
Kingston MobileLite G3 Wireless Card Reader
As always, we expect a well made and well designed product from Kingston, which this is. They continue to make incremental upgrades to the MobileLite line, that make them more useful and more appealing. If you have a G2 device, the changes made might not be enough for you to buy the latest and greatest, but if you are a frequent traveler or often have space concerns on your phone, you really should consider one of these.
Crucial MX300 750GB Solid State Drive :: Posted On July 26, 2016
Crucial MX300 750GB Solid State Drive
Crucial is a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, and they have been in the business for over 35 years. Today we are looking at their MX300 750GB limited edition solid state drive, which builds on the previous performance of the MX series SSDs, and adds the latest 3D NAND which they claim will speed up boot times and allow you to fly through even the most demanding applications.

From Around The Web
Drobo 5n NAS Server
The Drobo 5n is a 5-bay tower NAS designed for SOHO use that does away with conventional RAID arrays and instead uses Drobo's proprietary BeyondRAID technology. Is Drobo a NAS you should consider over better known brands such as QNAP or Synology? kitguru.net
Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Keyboard and Mouse Combo
For an enthusiast comfortable with a membrane design this is an attractive option to up your game with a solid RGB keyboard and a gaming mouse to match. You get a solid build, great color and won't break the bank. hardwareasylum.com
MSI Z170A Tomahawk AC Motherboard
MSI's Z170A Tomahawk AC motherboard has a long list of gaming-centric features and even includes an integrated Wireless AC module. It also costs under $140. So what was cut to justify such a low cost? hardwarecanucks.com
Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 Liquid CPU Cooler
Cooler Master is a brand reinvented. For a long time they were one of the top dogs with some of the most popular cases and CPU coolers on the market but at some point sort of lost that luxurious position. Their reimagining focused mostly around being a company for the "Makers" AKA modders and builders. Featuring a whole new level of expandability and customization among their product offerings, CM aims to be the brand of modders. As well as changing their image, CM is now moving past a difficult time in their AiO history and today we'll be taking a look at their newest offering in that category; the MasterLiquid Pro 240. thinkcomputers.org
Hardline Watercooling Loop Install using Pacific Cooling Gea
One of the pinnacles of enthusiast cooling performance is the DIY watercooling loop. Not only can it offer the best ambient level cooling performance but when done correctly looks amazing. For this build we will be using TT Premium Cooling gear and a custom painted Core V51. hardwareasylum.com
Scythe Ninja 4 CPU Cooler
Scythe, most people will know them. In case you don't, Scythe have been around for years and they have a notable reputation in cooling, that means sites like Hardwareslave, will always take note of their products. We have a couple of coolers coming in the next couple of weeks and we start with the Scythe Ninja 4. We recently reviewed the Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 and last year we tested the Scythe Mugen MAX. Both scored well and we were happy to see Scythe still around after all these years. hardwareslave.com
Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L Combo
Today, Cooler Master has sent us their brand new Masterkeys Lite L Combo to take a look at. This is a mouse and keyboard combo with some seriously powerful LED technology. At the small asking price of only $60, this is one fantastic bargain. technologyx.com
AVM FRITZ!Powerline 1240E WLAN Set
Packing very fast wired (1200Mbit/s) and wireless (300Mbit/s) connectivity the brand new and feature-rich 1240E FRITZ!Powerline WLAN Set by AVM might just be the best kit money can buy today. nikktech.com
SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse
SteelSeries, a company known for many innovations and their support of eSports, has released a new weapon in the competitive gamer's arsenal: the Rival 700. While they've been busy refreshing all of their product lines to update previous models with new features, the Rival 700 is a brand new entry entirely. Positioned as the premier offering in the Rival line of mice, the SteelSeries Rival 700 has a new twist - or, more appropriately, a buzz. Modular sensors, interchangeable cords, Prism RGB illumination and swap-able panels compliment a first-of-its-kind tactile feedback system and customizeable OLED display panel. benchmarkreviews.com
Raijintek Nestor Case
One of the more interesting trends I've observed at CES and Computex this year are manufacturers pushing the boundaries of what can be offered at a lower price point for a case. Almost every single one of them featured on display a chassis that was only priced at $70 or under, touting features and component support that a few years … modders-inc.com
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