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Synology Diskstation DS414j 4-Bay NAS Server
Synology Diskstation DS414j 4-Bay NAS Server
The Diskstation DS414j 4-Bay NAS server is just another fine example of what Synology is capable of. The aesthetics of the design are retro and understated, and with the minimal noise created by the device it will be able to disappear in most home or small office settings. With 4-bays available for configuration with the drives of your choice, you can choose just how much storage space you need, and what sort of drive array is best for your needs.
Kingston SSDNow mS200 240GB mSATA SSD
Kingston SSDNow mS200 240GB mSATA SSD
In real world use, the mS200 240GB mSATA SSD proved to be exactly what I expected. It made a notebook computer that didn't seem all that old seem so much faster and more enjoyable. The drive was capable of hitting its target read and write speeds (540MB/s and 530MB/s respectively) during the execution of benchmarks, but results will not look as impressive if the test selected uses incompressible data.
Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 Card Reader
Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 Card Reader
While these new features help make this an even more appealing device for travelling professionals, it still offers the same features that made the first version great for professionals and families. Being able to stream/share files with a handful of different wireless device simultaneously is still the key selling point, and the MobileLite Wireless G2 still handles that task with ease.
Actiontec PWR51WK01 Powerline Adapter Kit
Actiontec PWR51WK01 Powerline Adapter Kit
For me the Actiontec PWR51WK01 feature set could be very useful. Not just for streaming movies and shows from the Internet and NAS, but also to extend my wireless network to places I don't have coverage, like by the pool - all with a convenient plug and play set up. The Actiontec PWR51WK01 kit includes a PWR500 powerline adapter and a WPB3000 powerline/wireless N adapter.
Genius Ergo 8800 Wireless Mouse
Genius Ergo 8800 Wireless Mouse
The Genius Ergo 8800 Wireless Mouse is well built and incorporates all the features you would expect to find in your typical mouse. It has a fairly traditional design for universal (right-handed) comfort and it doesn't do anything extra that would require special software or setup time. Pretty much a plug and play device that is well suited for desktop use and perhaps some casual gaming.
Kingston DataTraveler Mini 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Kingston DataTraveler Mini 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
In this review we are going to take a quick look at a tiny USB 3.0 flash drive that sports 16GB of storage. The Kingston DataTraveler series has been around for years, and the current "Mini" version is available with capacities of 16, 32, 64, or 128GB. The drive in question features a rectangular metal body with a somewhat artisitic take on the lanyard connection off to one side.

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Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 32GB USB Flash Drive
While I would not go stomping on the drive to test its durability, this small item can definitely take a few drops without worry of breaking anything. The cap on the Micro USB is also very well implemented to allow users to not accidentally expose the small end, but the cap is also easy to intentionally remove without fear of breaking. The frosted look on the cap is also a very subtle but good design choice. aphnetworks.com
Noctua NH-U12S and NH-U14S CPU Coolers
The CPU cooling market has really changed since we started BCCHardware. CPU's no longer require big aftermarket coolers and most people are satisfied with stock cooling, but that hasn't changed the way Noctua looks at cooling and they haven't cut corners as a result. They just keep consistently pumping out coolers that are quiet, high quality, and can offer up performance that can compete with anyone. bcchardware.com
TDK A12 TREK Micro Wireless Speaker
One of the things i love about Greece and Attica in particular is that we hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and thanks to some of them i always seem to come in contact with electronic devices which i may have missed otherwise. So a few nights back while i was walking at the beach (trying to cool down after spending several hours performing tests on HDDs and SSDs) a guy ran past me carrying a large backpack on which he had a tiny portable wireless speaker secured with the help of a carabiner. That speaker offered very little in terms of volume and audio quality but i did like it's very tiny size (and in part the carabiner feature) and so i was quite glad to receive an email by TDK a couple of days later asking me if I'd like to test their latest A12 TREK Micro Wireless Speaker which aside the tiny size it also shares one more similarity with that speaker, it makes use of a carabiner. nikktech.com
Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset
Kingston have been known for some time now as a manufacturer of high performance memory and with their HyperX brand have added some stylish modules to their range. In more recent times we have seen them branch out into SSDs and now they are taking another leap, this time with the release of a headset. The HyperX Cloud. hardwareheaven.com
Gigabyte Z97X-SOC FORCE Motherboard
Gigabyte continues to produce their orange themed overclocking motherboard series. The first of the series was the immaculate X58 OC motherboard, a trimmed down on features board, however purely designed to provide the ultimate overclocking experience. Sadly the X58 OC board arrived just a tad too late on the market to become a major selling product. Nevertheless a trend was set: deliver affordable, yet customized for maximum tweaking potential motherboard series. Other brands had similar overclocking friendly boards yet retailing at far more elevated prices. The predecessor, the Z87X-OC was one of the most utilized overclocking boards during the last year according statistics expert Massman from HWBot.org. Gigabyte had to live up to its name and make the Z97X-SOC FORCE as good or preferably even better. madshrimps.be
Asus Maximus VII Ranger & Hero Motherboard
Z87 saw cost-effective gaming-calibre motherboards take the limelight. All of the big vendors released at least one product that provided gaming-orientated features in a cost-effective package. Asus SKU of choice was the successful Hero - a board which ticked many of the boxes and did so with an efficient price tag. The motherboard market is fierce so Asus welcomes back its Hero for Z97 and adds an even more aggressively priced variant to its Republic of Gamers (ROG) arsenal - the Maximus VII Ranger. kitguru.net
BitFenix Fury 550G Alchemy-Sleeved Power Supply
Earlier this year the BitFenix Fury PSU Series was introduced, and quickly gained interest among desktop system builders looking to benefit from the power supply's individually-sleeved modular cables and 80 PLUS GOLD energy efficiency certification. Builders wanting to manage cables now have the option to choose the connections they need, then cleanly route the sleeved wires through smaller spaces. In this product spotlight, Benchmark Reviews covers the new BitFenix Fury PSU series. benchmarkreviews.com
Intel SSD 2500 Pro 240GB Solid State Drive
The product we'll be showing you here, the just-announced Intel SSD 2500 Pro, falls somewhere in the middle of Intel's SSD line-up. The SSD 2500 Pro is the follow-up to last year's SSD 1500 Pro series, which targets corporate and small-business clients. The drive shares much of its DNA with some of Intel's consumer-class drives, but the Pro series cranks things up a few notches with support for advanced security and management features, low power states, and an extended management toolset. hothardware.com
Asus RP-AC52 Wireless Range Extender
With the latest network standard. 802.11 AC, wireless networks finally are getting fast enough to be a real alternative to wired ethernet in the house. In smaller houses a single router is enough but as soon as have a larger house or a older house with thick walls it sometimes is hard to get a good coverage. The ASUS RP-AC52 Range Extender helps you extend the wireless network. Promising speeds up to 750 Mbps (300 Mbps on the 802.11n-band and 433 Mbps on the 5 GHz 802.11ac-band) it sounds like a great product. Does it deliver? bjorn3d.com
iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount
I hate wires. No, really, I hate wires. I was one of the first people I knew to get WiFi in my house, I've never had a landline, and I used to joke that I cut the cable cord out of principle alone. All of this said, it's no surprise that I'm big on wireless charging. I've got a Tylt V at work, an official Nexus wireless charger (with magnets!) on my nightstand, and a DiGiYes dual-spot wireless charger in my living room. Now, with the iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount, I've got wireless charging in my car, too. We first saw the Easy Flex Qi, as I've come to call it, and do remember that Qi is pronounced "chee", at CES 2014, where it won a coveted CEA Innovations Award for its fantastic design and functionality. We're glad to finally get our hands on one to see how it fairs under review. thinkcomputers.org
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