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Noctua redux and industrialPPC Fan Round-Up
Noctua redux and industrialPPC Fan Round-Up
With the addition of these two new product lines, Noctua now offers a much more comprehensive line up of cooling fans. They have something more like a budget-friendly / entry-level option with the redux line, they still offer their "standard" fans which are considered some of the best fans on the market, and they have the industrialPPC line which offers high end features for energy-efficient / low noise operation even in harsher conditions.
Crucial MX100 256GB Solid State Drive
Crucial MX100 256GB Solid State Drive
For this review Crucial has sent over one of their newest solid state drives, the 256GB MX100. Crucial presently offers three series of SSD - the M500, the M550, and the MX100 - and oddly enough the MX100 series generally fits in between the M500 and M550 when it comes to read/write performance and price. In this review we will see just what you can expect from a drive that Crucial touts as offering "cost-effective mainstream performance".
Thecus N5550 5-Bay NAS Server
Thecus N5550 5-Bay NAS Server
The main thing that impressed me about the Thecus N5550 NAS server was the transfer rates it was able to put up. It consistently topped 100MB/s, and many times it was closing in on 120MB/s. You have the speed to handle anything a home or small/mid-sized business user could need, and with room for 5 drives in a RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 or JBOD configuration, you can be sure to get just the right balance of capacity, redundancy, and speed.
Atongm Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard
Atongm Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard
This review is going to cover something a bit different than the usual fare at A virtual keyboard that is created by projecting a laser on to your work surface and that connects to your computer/phone/tablet via Bluetooth. Even though I have seen these around for several years, the idea still seems pretty out there to me, and as such I have always wondered how these things really performed.
Apotop Wi-Copy Personal Cloud Storage and Wireless Router
Apotop Wi-Copy Personal Cloud Storage and Wireless Router
In this review we will be looking at the Apotop Wi-Copy (DW21) which is touted as being a personal cloud storage device and wireless router, perhaps a bit like the Kingston Mobilelite Wireless series we have covered. For those who are not familiar with them, Apotop is a brand of Carry Technology Company Limited that was founded with the mission to develop innovative storage and portable wireless products to enhance productivity of mobile devices.
Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse and Speed Large Mouse Pad
Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse and Speed Large Mouse Pad
For this review, Cougar has sent over a new mouse, the rather futuristic looking 700M gaming mouse. The 700M does not have the look of a traditional mouse, and it looks as if it is poised to transform at any moment to join Optimus Prime in battle. We will find that while this design may look like it is from another galaxy, it offers features that make it very appealing for every day use (here on Earth).

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Extreme Edition Video Card
The launch of the Maxwell GPU's, the GTX 970 and GTX 980 has been impressive. It has been a long time since a new generation so utterly has made its previous generation cards as well as most of the competitors cards obsolete. And while the GTX 980 of course is the performance leader it is the GTX 970 that has caught a lot of people's eyes as it offers excellent performance for its low price.
If you're looking for something out of the ordinary for your mITX build, the Taiwanese company IN WIN has some products you'll want to check out. They offer a variety of uniquely-designed computer cases ranging from the weird to the…well, OK, actually, they're all pretty weird, from the all-glass Tu to today's subject, the IN WIN D-FRAME MINI. Benchmark Reviews builds a high-end gaming system in this expensive open-air mITX case to see what it's got.
Noctua NF-S12A Series Fan
Noctua have been around for 9 years now and from the very start they have been producing cooling hardware for enthusiast rigs across the world. Their cooling fans are instantly recognisable due to their unique colour scheme, often a topic of conversation.
Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE Motherboard
Biostar, a company which has been releasing motherboards for almost three decades, has just released the new Hi-Fi Z97WE. While Biostar has been around for some time, it isn't usually the first company that comes to mind when searching for a new motherboard. Although this may be the case for most for most PC enthusiasts, the fact remains that it will be hard to find a motherboard loaded with the same new features as the Hi-Fi Z97WE for a better price. Biostar is known for having some of the most affordable boards on the market and the Hi-Fi Z97WE is no exception. You can find Biostar's Hi-Fi Z97WE on Newegg for $114.99, which is an outstanding price for a Haswell board.
Corsair Gaming H1500 USB Headset
Today we review the latest in a series of peripherals to be released under the 'Corsair Gaming' brand. The H1500 USB headset offers a pair of 50mm drivers, 7.1 virtual surround sound and a high level of comfort thanks to the memory foam padding and large ear cups.
TRENDnet TPL-4052E 4-Port Powerline 500 AV Adapter
Today I'll be reviewing the TRENDnet TPL-4052E 4-Port Powerline 500 AV Adapter that will allow you to add to your existing TRENDnet 500Mbps Powerline network, and have up to 4 Internet ready devices connected to the Internet in short order.
Corsair Neutron XT SSD Review (240GB)
If we were to look at the flash controller hierarchy, Phison has typically placed as a mid-tier company. We met with Phison at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California, this past August and they spoke of a new controller that might move them up in the stack, the Phison Quad-Core PS3110 6Gbps controller. Capable of 550MB/s read, 530MB/s write, over 100K IOPS, with features such as AES 256-Bit encryption, compatible with the latest SLC, MLC and TLC memory, and capable of accommodating single form factors of up to 2TB, this controller seemed to be a definite step forward and we looked forward to getting it on our Test Bench.
Thermaltake Core V51 Mid-Tower Case
The Thermaltake Core V51 is an enthusiast case, featuring a wide array of compatibility with all-in-one liquid cooling systems, ranging from 120mm to 420mm radiators, or complete custom loops. Fan compatibility is no slouch either, supporting 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm fans in various configurations. In this article, Benchmark Reviews will be putting the Thermaltake Core V51 to the test.
With the price of large capacity Solid State Drives dropping throughout 2014, we felt it was a good time to take a look at the 512GB version of the ADATA SP610. This drive is equipped with the excellent Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller and has dropped in price to around the 170 inc vat mark. Should you be shortlisting this drive for a new system build before the end of the year?
Gaming and Computing at 4K Resolution
Putting the teething issues aside, I loaded up Crysis 3 to put my GTX 780Ti through its paces. Setting the resolution to 4K (3840 x 2160) and all other options except Anti-Aliasing to "Very High", I was greeted with the most breathtaking gaming visuals I have ever seen. Textures were crisp to the point of being photo-realistic and the game just looked amazing. At 25 Frames Per Second. Hmmm.
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