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First Alert Z-Wave Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: First Alert
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November 14, 2017


The First Alert Z-Wave smoke and carbon monoxide detector was very easily connected with SmartThings, and was just as easy to integrate into my Smart Home Monitor setup within SmartThings. I have it setup to alert me via SMS of any issues, and it will activate a Go Control brand siren/beacon which is centrally located within my house. At about one month in, battery consumption is low (still at 97% full), so I am very hopeful to get a long life out of each set of AA batteries. SmartThings keeps track of the battery levels, so it will be very clear when it is time to replace the first set. And when it is time to change the batteries, I will appreciate the slide out battery compartment on the side, which will keep me from fumbling with the whole unit trying to get it back on to the mounting base while at the top of a step ladder.

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One feature, which truly isn't a "con", but something to keep in mind is that most sensors like this can not be interconnected with other sensors in order to have them all sound when just one detects smoke or CO. Having an interconnected system can be very useful for making sure everyone hears the alarm. But, that said, you can get plenty of notifications about an alarm via your Z-Wave controller. You can have it sound a separate alarm(s), send you a push notification/SMS, turn on lights, unlock doors, and all kinds of other things useful to letting people know there is a problem, and to helping them get out of the house.

The going price at is $44, but I have seen it drop to $34 twice in recent months. $44 seems like a fair price, but $34 makes it very competitively priced with other 2-in-1 detectors that don't have any smart functionality. If you were in the market for new detectors and happened to have a SmartThings system, I would definitely jump on these.

The First Alert Z-Wave smoke and carbon monoxide detector earns the "Recommended" award for being well implemented and another useful tool to add to a Z-Wave network.



» Easy setup with SmartThings
» Includes two AA batteries which seem to offer good life
» Battery compartment design allows battery change without removing unit from wall/ceiling
» Typically sells for about $44, but has dropped to $34 a few times recently


» No option for interconnecting with other smoke detectors

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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