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Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Wireless Hard Drive
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Seagate
Source: Seagate
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February 15, 2013

Wireless Testing:

Testing the wireless portion of the Wireless Plus included connecting to the drive using the following devices:

» ASUS Transformer TF101 tablet running Android 4.0
» Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1
» iPad 3
» Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 running Windows 8 Pro

The Android and IOS devices will use the app available in their app stores. While the Thinkpad Tablet 2 will use the web browser to connect.

The experience setting up the Wireless Plus is different on a tablet than a smartphone. When it connected on the smartphone, it immediately went into the files on the Wireless Plus. While with the tablet version it started up a quick tutorial that went over basic functions, connecting to the internet, and finally some how-to videos on copying content to the Wireless Plus and connecting to the Wireless Plus.

Android and iPad:

Originally, we planned to discuss the Android and iPad app separately, however after taking a look at them, they are nearly identical.

Using the Seagate Wireless app, you can connect the Wireless Plus drive to a WIFI hotspot so you can continue to surf the internet and the Seagate Wireless Plus at the same time.

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Another option here is the ability to secure the Wireless Plus. On the Network tab, a password can be set, which requires all users to enter the password when connecting to the Wireless Plus. The password must be at least 8 characters and be alpha-numeric. This is what I consider to be minimal security. I personally would like to see an additional layer of security, perhaps at the folder level.

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The Video menu can provide access to the videos in both a list and a "preview" mode. Selecting any video will cause the selected video to play. For most, it starts within a couple seconds.

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Viewing pictures is quick and easy... click on the desired picture and it fills the screen. There are a few options you can customize here, including adding music and transition effects. In addition, you can shuffle or randomize the pictures.

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