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Actiontec WCB3000NK01 Wireless and Ethernet Over Coax Adapter Kit
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Actiontec
Source: Actiontec
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January 21, 2014


If expanding the reach of your wired and wireless network is on your to-do list, the Actiontec WCB3000NK01 wireless and Ethernet over coax adapter kit should be on a short list of items you need to consider. It completes what could be a daunting job in just minutes. I had been contemplating running CAT6 cable from my router in the basement to my second floor bedroom for almost two years, but couldn't figure out a good route to get the job done right. Even if I ever did actually try to get the job done, it would probably require several hours of snaking cable, some drywall work, and probably a good deal of cursing.

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The Actiontec WCB3000NK01 kit sells for about $150 at, which makes me pause to consider the price just briefly. If time is in short demand, this purchase is a no brainer. Once purchased, you will have high speed networking up and running in no time. You can get a powerline adapter for less, but it probably won't offer the performance of this kit and there are always caveats regarding those systems and your home's electrical wiring. You definitely won't be able to get an electrician to run network cables to reach a single room for any less than this, so the only way it makes sense to consider trying to save some money is if you are handy enough to run the cable yourself.

The only thing I would like to see included in the kit is a MoCA filter. Many people might not be all that familiar with this technology, so they may not know about such a filter. Including one in this kit would be the best way to make sure the end user installs one, which will improve the security of their network and possibly improve the performance. Sourcing one on your own may set you back $10-$20, but it is definitely a good purchase to make if you are looking to install one of these systems.

The Actiontec WCB3000NK01 wireless and Ethernet over coax adapter kit performs very well, is easy to install, and includes just about everything you need to expand the reach of your wireless and wired network. With all things considered, it earns the "Great Idea" and "Highly Recommended" awards.

Great Idea Highly Recommended


» Simple installation
» Includes a nice selection of high quality accessories
» Impressive transfer rates - about the same as a hard wired CAT6 connection
» System is expandable
» Free app for Android and Apple device available


» $150 price tag might make you think twice about running network cable yourself
» Including a MoCA filter would be a nice touch

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