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Zalman VF3000F (GTX470/465) VGA Cooler
Author: Chris McInnis
Manufacturer: Zalman
Source: Zalman
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October 22, 2010

A few weeks ago our friends at Zalman sent us some goodies for review, and today we are going to look at one of their latest releases - the VF3000 series dual fan VGA cooler. The VF3000 series builds on what Zalman accomplished with their popular VF1000 VGA cooler, while taking things to the next level in terms of performance, silence, and compatibility with today's high end GPUs.

There are a few different models in the VF3000 series designed to fit a variety of modern GPUs, and just for the high end Nvidia GPUs there are two models with the VF3000F designation. One model is designed solely for the GTX480, while the unit we will be reviewing is designed to accommodate both the GTX470 and the GTX465. Given how hot Nvidia's new Fermi chips can run, you'll want something extra special to handle the heat, and Zalman's VF3000F may be just the thing.

Promo Image

The promotional image above gives you a good idea of whats involved with the 430 gram behemoth we're about to get up close and personal with. Before taking a closer look at the sample provided for review, let's take a quick tale-of-the-tape look at the features and specifications for the VF3000F (GTX470/465) VGA cooler found on the official product page on the Zalman website.


Powerful Cooling Performance
Ultra Quiet Design
Excellent Peripheral Component Cooling
Ultra Quiet 92mm Green LED Dual Fans
High Performance Super Thermal Grease ZM-STG2
Adjustable Fan Speed Controller
Environment Friendly Design


Model: VF3000F(GTX470/465)
Compatibility: VGA Card Processor
Bearing Type: EBR Bearing
RPM: Silent Mode : 1,400rpm 15%, Normal Mode: 3,000rpm 15%
Air Flow: Variable
Noise Level: Silent Mode: 18dBA 15%, Normal Mode: 33dBA 15%
Fan Color: Transparent
LED: Green
Heatsink Material: Fin: Pure Aluminum, Base: Pure Copper, Heatpipes: Pure Copper
Fan Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 15 mm
Heatsink Dimensions: 239 x 98 x 51 mm
Manufacturer Warranty:
    Parts: 1 year limited
    Labor: 1 year limited


Zalman has actually created four (slightly) different models in three different colors for the VF3000 series, all intended to work with a different series of modern graphics cards. Below are the configurations that Zalman is currently offering:

VF3000F - Green Shroud (GTX470/465)
VF3000F - Green Shroud (GTX480)
VF3000N - Black Shroud (GTX260, GTX275, GTX285)
VF3000A - Red Shroud (HD5830, HD5850, HD5870)

As mentioned previously, please note that there are two VF3000F models; make sure you select the correct one for your card.

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