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Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Source: Thermaltake
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January 04, 2013

In Use:

One thing to keep in mind, when it comes to mice a big portion of whether it will fit the needs of the user is purely subjective. Many prefer a certain body style over another, some dislike lightweight mice, and some do not want the mouse to do anything fancy.

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The design of the mouse is incredible. It has a very "high end" look. I think all the available color schemes look great and will be the center of attention at LAN parties. The cord is long enough to reach the back of a large desk and down to the system. The fabric cable wrapping is a nice touch and gives the mouse a high quality look over a typical rubber cord.

The 3D Axis initially caused some concern as I am personally a very heavy handed person, meaning I do not use the mouse with a light touch, rather I let the mouse support the entire weight of my hand. After an adjustment period, I had the horizontal axis tilted for comfort, and after a month of heavy gaming it still feels great and has not needed further adjustment. It easily supports my hand and doesn't bend or flex in any way.

The macro function is great; the fact that it records it in real time, but still allows adjustment of the timings for each individual keystroke is such a big help. I tried the macro function in several MMOs and was able to set it to allow me time to type in the middle of the macro. For example, if I wanted a standard greeting of "Hello (name), how are things today?", with most macro systems, I would have to make it a generic greeting, however with the timings, I was able to give enough time to type in a name after the "Hello". This might seem strange, but those who have played MMOs for a long time might appreciate this.

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While I really like the mouse, I did encounter a few little annoyances. First, while it was being tested, the 3D Axis was constantly being adjusted to try out different settings. I was disappointed to see there is no scale for the adjustments, if a great setting was found, there was no way to tell exactly what the setting was. Next, while I really like the macro function, they got into the way during certain games, but with a quick change in profile it would be resolved. It would be really nice if the software could automatically detect what you were running and set the desired profile so it wouldn't change accidentally or need to be changed manually once in the game.

Finally, the placement of the side buttons. They happen to be in the perfect spot where I tend to hold the mouse, and this caused me to hit them repeatedly and change the DPI and profile unexpectedly. This is something that not everybody will encounter, and with a little learning this became a very minor inconvenience. Overall, I'm glad I stuck with the mouse and adjusted my hands position so I wouldn't inadvertently hit the buttons. It still happens from time to time, just not as frequently. Others that tried the mouse did not have a problem with the button placement.

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