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Tt eSports Challenger Pro Keyboard
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Tt eSports
Source: Thermaltake
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January 18, 2011


The Tt eSports Challenger Pro configuration screen is laid out so anybody can understand what is going on. The main portion of the screen presents a view of the keyboard, with tabs for each profile. Below the keyboard are the 10 macro keys, with drop downs for commonly used functions. Along the right side of the screen there is a section to control the lights on the keyboard, a simple timer, and configuration save/load options in the lower right corner. One little annoyance is that every time the software is activated the back light and logo reset to "off", so you have to manually turn them back on each time the software is activated.

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Each of the macro keys has a drop down that provides commonly used functions, with the first and last functions being the most important. The first allows the creation of a macro, while the last will launch a specified application.

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Selecting the macro option in the drop down will open a macro creation window. Most of the controls are self explanatory and don't need to be discussed. Click the Record button and then the next 10 keys you press will be entered into the "Key" window; any delay between each key stroke will also be recognized. There is a limit of 10 key presses per macro, and this includes Shift, Alt, Control, and Space. The macro function does not recognize the Enter key, and there is no way to edit your macro if you make a mistake; you will need to re-record the macro.

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When you create a macro, every key press and release shows up in the macro. So while it is 10 key presses, it is really 20 options (providing you do not release any keys, which may not be practical). While I mentioned that the macro can't be edited, you can reorganize the key strokes... like if you held the Shift key down for the first two letters, you can later move the shift release to be before the second key stroke.

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