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Tesoro Sagitta Spectrum Gaming Mouse
Author: Richard Jackson
Manufacturer: Tesoro
Source: Tesoro
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May 06, 2016


The mouse offers plenty of gamer friendly features in a package that is more like a traditional mouse, which is definitely something I prefer. For those looking for more advanced gaming features, you may be disappointed to know the maximum DPI setting is 5000, and that there is no onboard indication of which of the four levels you are presently using. Additionally, while I found the weight of the mouse to be fine for my use, it is not adjustable by the addition of weights like you might find on other mice. The lighting effects are definitely a big part of the Sagitta Spectrum's appeal, so let's take a quick look at those before wrapping things up. You don't have to make the scroll wheel and the logo match, I just like it that way...

Review Image Review Image

The embedded video below shows a bit of the Rainbow effect on the Sagitta Spectrum. In real life, the colors are very even and vibrant, while I will admit the video washes the colors out a bit and makes them look overpoweringly bright...

Overall I am very pleased with the performance of the Tesoro Sagitta Spectrum gaming mouse. I have what I would call an average sized hand, and it fits very nicely in it. Devices like the Tesoro Gandiva and the Cougar 700M were just a bit too large and shaped in an alien way that didn't fell right in my hand. Trying to let children use either of those mice was comical, as they would get lost by the layout and they could not comfortably reach all of the buttons due to the size. The Sagitta will definitely suit me well going forward, and it could also be used by anyone in my family without issue.

Visiting for a price check shows that the Sagitta Spectrum sells for about $60 (US). Honestly, that is more than I expected it to sell for, since the over-the-top Gandiva H1L has the exact same price. There are plenty of high end mice in this price range, so choosing one could be difficult, but there are also plenty that cost less, perhaps much less.

The Tesoro Sagitta Spectrum is a very built, comfortably sized/shaped gaming mouse that comes with a very user friendly software package to enable a wide variety of customizations. That said, it earns the "Recommended" and "Gaming Approved" awards.

Recommended Gaming Approved


» Feels good in your hand, and operates well on typical surfaces
» Simpler, more traditional design than other gaming mouse
» Plenty of customizable features to make it suit your style
» Lighting effect controls are very nice
» Software is well laid out and easy to use


» No indication of current DPI setting on the mouse body
» Maximum DPI of 5000 is lower than other mice on the market
» No weight adjustment
» $60 (US) seems a bit pricey.

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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