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Show Home 2-Channel Z-Wave Smart Home Plug
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Inovelli
Source: ebay
Purchase: ebay
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March 01, 2017


The Show Home 2-Channel Z-Wave smart home plug from Inovelli is a great option for those looking to include some Z-wave controllable outlets in their home. This one stands out compared to many options on the market since it does not require the replacement of an existing in-wall outlet and it provides you with two independently controllable outlets in one device. You could therefore install it in a permanent location in your home, but you could also move it around as required for powering just about anything as you see fit... table lamps, holiday lights, fans, computers, electronics, etc.

The device paired easily with a Wink hub and the two outlets functioned very well when used independently. The Wink app could then be used to toggle either outlet on/off with an impressively fast response time. And thanks to the smart functions available in home automation systems like the Wink hub, you can now make your connected devices turn on/off based on a schedule, as a result of an action from another connected device like a motion sensor, via IFTTT commands, and so on.

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The issue with the main switch not functioning right is annoying, but not the end of the world to me. Additionally, it is really a Wink specific feature that user's of other home automation platforms don't have to concern themselves with. I have seen similar issues with dual channel Z-wave relays in the Wink app (although those worked a bit more reliably), and in the end I just wish that the Wink app would let you hide shortcuts that you don't want to use.

Searching around finds the Show Home 2-Channel Z-Wave smart home plug available from Inovelli directly and their ebay shop for under $35 (US). This makes it competitively priced with the bulk of the available Z-Wave enabled outlets on the market, many of which are single channel and/or require permanent installation as an in-wall outlet replacement.

The Show Home 2-Channel Z-Wave smart home plug earns the Bigbruin.com "Recommended" award for being an extremely easy way to add two Z-Wave controlled outlets to your smart home.



Easy setup / pairing with Wink hub
Works very well when controlling the two outlets separately
2-channel smart plug for less money than most single outlet controllers
Compact plug can be used pretty much anywhere you need it in your house
Small enough to not block adjacent wall outlet
Like most plug in devices, it adds Z-Wave repeating functionality to expand your mesh network


Main switch functionality is not as expected

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