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Show Home 2-Channel Z-Wave Smart Home Plug
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Inovelli
Source: ebay
Purchase: ebay
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March 01, 2017

In Use:

Inovelli has very detailed setup instructions for this device in conjunction with a handful of hubs, which can be found at the device's product page on their website. The Wink specific instructions can be found here, and overall things went rather easily. I connected two night lights to the 2-channel smart plug and followed the steps for pairing with the Wink hub. As seen below, the blue LED on the device comes on when it is powered up, and it is small enough to not block the adjacent wall outlet.

Review Image Review Image

As detailed in the Inovelli instructions, I found three plugs added to my Wink app, and per the instructions they should have been for both outlets simultaneously, the left outlet by itself, and the right outlet by itself. In the image below I have already assigned them names and given them icons from the Wink library... Too bad Wink doesn't offer icons highlighting the outlets differently, as that would be a helpful visual aid.

Review Image

The next two images shows the tabs for both the left and the right outlet, where Wink shows that it does not know the actual device model, but it knows what to do with it anyway!

Review Image Review Image

Per the instructions, it is possible that the Wink created button for the main 'switch' might not function as intended, but they have a work around for that. Sure enough, mine did not work as expected, and it was actually a redundant left switch (even though Inovelli says it may make a redundant right switch). Regardless, they detail how to program the main switch to control both outlets via the use of Wink Robots. The two images below show the finished Robot for turning both outlets off and for turning both outlets on. You can then use the originally created shortcut in the app to do what it was originally intended to do.

Review Image Review Image

My experience is that controlling either outlet by itself via the Wink app works just as you would expect. The response time is very quick, and if necessary you can toggle either outlet on/off quickly without issue. Trying to control the 'main' switch that now relies on Wink Robots is not as impressive. It is does work - usually - but not always. I found that if both outlets are already on or are both already off it works best, but there is a good deal of lag in the processing of the commands. For example, if both are off and I press the main button to turn them on, the right outlet will come on in less than a second while the left button may come on 4-5 seconds later. If you toggle the main switch again before the second outlet has come on, you might get it all screwed up and either nothing will happen or you will have one on and one off. If you happen to already have one outlet on and one outlet off before you press the main button, the results are pretty much hit or miss. Your possible outcomes are that nothing will happen, they'll both change states, they both come on, or they both go off. To be honest, I'd really just like the ability to delete the main button from Wink, but that is not an option. I also have some Z-Wave dual relay light switches installed that perform better than this, but they also have the potential for giving you something other than what you expected. I can't hide the main button for those devices, either.

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