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Show Home 2-Channel Z-Wave Smart Home Plug
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Inovelli
Source: ebay
Purchase: ebay
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March 01, 2017

Packaging and Accessories:

The Show Home 2-Channel Z-Wave smart home plug came in a very compact box that made me immediately realize the whole thing was going to be even smaller than I had imagined. One side of the box shows a picture of the device, while the other provides a bit of text that mainly confirms that this is a 2-channel smart outlet.

Review Image Review Image

Inside the box you will find the smart plug (wrapped in plastic with a plastic cap over the prongs) and a simple user's guide. Nothing else is required.

Review Image

The Basics:

The below left image shows the front of the device, where we see a bit of branding, as well as a button that serves a few purposes. The button is used as a manual toggle for both outlets, it is the button you use for Z-Wave pairing, and it is illuminated to show device status. The back of the device is shown in the below right image. You have some some certification data, as well as confirmation of the technical specifications. This area didn't help me understand the total load allowed either. Something like 10A per channel, 16A total would have been more clear to me.

Review Image Review Image

The next two images show the two sides of the device, where we simply find a 3-prong outlet on each. There is not much to it, but that is just the way it should be!

Review Image Review Image

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