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Sentey Black Box Series BX1-4284 Mid Tower Case
Author: Chris McInnis
Manufacturer: Sentey
Source: Sentey
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May 06, 2011

Internal Inspection:

Sliding each of the side panels off, as well as the front bezel, leaves us with a semi-bare carcass.

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From the image below, you can see the general layout of the case. On the bottom right, we have four aluminum trays with red plastic slides for attaching 3.5 inch hard drives. Above that we have four 5.25 inch bays for optical devices or card readers, although only the bottom three are externally usable - the top bay is filled with the front panel controls. In between the two is a 3.5 inch internal/external bay for either a floppy drive, card reader, or fan controller. Attached to the 5.25 inch bays you can see Sentey has zip-tied a bag of accessories - which consists of (9) motherboard mounting posts, a plethora of screws, a few zip-ties, one plain expansion slot cover, and and internal motherboard speaker and jumper. Lastly, we have the user's manual placed on the very bottom of the case. Interestingly, Sentey has also included a product manual and warranty card in the same bag.

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Around the back, we immediately see the large cutout Sentey has given us for accessing heatsinks that use back-mounting plates. The hole is large enough to accommodate most motherboard socket placements. Also, you may notice the three cutouts for cable management.

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The right side panel includes two 120mm fans with blue LEDs. Just like the front intake and rear exhaust fans, these use a 4-pin Molex connector for power.

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