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Sengled Element Classic LED A19 2700K 9W Smart Bulb
Author: Richard Jackson
Manufacturer: Sengled
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October 17, 2017


In my opinion there is plenty to like about the Sengled Element Classic LED A19 2700K 9W smart bulb. The basic specifications for the bulb - such as power consumption, coloring, light output, expected life, and instant on capability make them an appealing competitor for some of the higher quality LED bulbs you'll find at the big box stores. Then factor in that for a fairly budget friendly price that Sengled has included a Zigbee radio inside to make them smart in terms of on/off and dimming. These bulbs require a hub to function, but the more popular ones like Wink and SmartThings are compatible, and with them in place you can then also control the bulbs via Alexa or Google Home.

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To be honest, I prefer to have my lights controlled by smart switches rather than having the smarts in the bulbs themselves. It always winds up that someone inadvertently flips a switch or turns the knob on the lamp's harp, completely removing power to the bulb, meaning that a smart bulb has no way of ever coming back on by an app alone. None of the bulbs in my home receive constant power as is, so it is always a possibility that a smart bulb will become unavailable. That said, these bulbs work great and it might be worth exploring ways to keep people from accidentally disabling them. has these Sengled Element Classic LED bulb for $8.99 each or $35.66 for four. This makes them very competitively priced with other smart bulbs and definitely worth consideration.

The price and performance help the Sengled Element Classic LED A19 2700K 9W smart bulb earn the "Good Value" and "Highly Recommended" awards.

Good Value Highly Recommended


» Solid specifications for a 60W equivalent LED bulb
» Easy setup with SmartThings
» Instant on/off
» App based dimming works well with fine brightness increments
» Attractively priced


» Have to make sure power always available to the bulb

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