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OCZ Technology RevoDrive X2 100GB PCI Express SSD
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
Source: OCZ Technology
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June 22, 2011

Testing (continued):

PassMark Performance Test 7.0 Advanced Disk Test:

PassMark's Performance Test version 7.0 (64-Bit) is the first suite of tests to be executed. The program offers a selection of readily available tests for a variety of system components, but we'll skip all of those and go right to the drive specific tests on the Advanced tab. Here you can create tests with your own variables that may approximate real world usage in a few different scenarios. For this benchmark we will look at three different test setups, and each provides results in units of MB/s (higher values are better). A drive's published read and write specifications are of little interest in these tests as we will see that different blends of reading and writing, as well as different percentages of sequential and random transactions, will show a composite speed that won't approach the maximum speed of any drive.

The first set of results we will look at are from a test titled "Database", which uses a 90/10 split of reads/writes, and 90% of the transactions are random. The 50GB RevoDrive was the king of the hill by a long shot... until the 100GB RevoDrive X2 showed up. The RevoDrive X2 is 41% faster than the RevoDrive in this test, and all of the other drives on hand just look down right slow in comparison.

The next set of results to consider are from a test titled "File Server", which uses a 80/20 split of reads/writes, where 100% of the transactions are random. This time around the RevoDrive X2 is 64% faster than the RevoDrive, and 316% faster than the next fastest drive (the Crucial RealSSD C300).

The final set of results in this section are from a test titled "Work Station", which uses a 70/30 split of reads/writes, where 80% of the transactions are random. This time the RevoDrive actually defeats the RevoDrive X2 by about 12%, but both PCI Express solutions from OCZ Technology defeat the other drives listed.

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