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OCZ Technology RevoDrive X2 100GB PCI Express SSD
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
Source: OCZ Technology
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June 22, 2011

The Basics:

The images below provide an overview of what we'll call the front side of the 100GB OCZ Technology RevoDrive X2 PCI Express SSD. The card features an x4 PCI Express interface, but as with all PCI Express devices it will fit in any slot that is mechanically at least that large. For example, for testing the card was inserted into a slot that is x16 mechanically and x8 electrically. The "card" is technically two cards, as half of the storage is mounted to a daughterboard that connects to the main card at about mid-span.

Review Image Review Image

An overly simplified look at the layout of the card finds the flash memory modules on the right (as seen in the images above), with the Sandforce SSD controllers near the middle, and the SiliconImage RAID controller towards the left.

The back side of the RevoDrive X2 is as equally understated as the front. The PCB, memory modules, and other chips provide a dark background only contrasted by golden traces and a few screen printed markings.

Review Image Review Image

The next image takes a closer look at the daughterboard, which features one half of the RAID array. Two of the Sandforce SF-1200 series SSD controllers and 50GB worth of (addressable) storage are on this card, which is connected to the main card by a socket for data/electrical transfers. Four bolts fasten the combo together mechanically.

Review Image

The below left image shows one of the 32 MLC (multi-level cell) Intel brand NAND flash memory chips found onboard. With a capacity of 4GB each, some simple math tells us that there is a potential capacity of 128GB, but thanks to over-provisioning 100GB will be addressable. In order to boost performance and extend the lifespan of SSDs like this, some of the storage capacity is kept out of your hands for the controller to use behind the scenes.

Review Image Review Image

The above right image shows a close up of one of the four Sandforce SF-1222 SSD controllers. Each group of eight memory chips is tied to one of these SSD controller, netting us the equivalent of four 25GB drives.

The final image in this section takes a look at the RevoDrive X2 on edge. Here we see the close proximity of the two boards, and since they are only fastened towards one side, I would suggest handling with care in order to keep the two cards from being squeezed together at their free ends.

Review Image

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