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POW Audio Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: POW Audio
Source: POW Audio
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November 19, 2019


I really like the POW Audio Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker... It sounds great, looks cool, and has a handful of interesting features that make it more appealing than your typical Bluetooth speaker. The WaveBloom feature, the ability to sync two Mo speakers to create a stereo pair, the magnetic bases, and the magnetic add-ons like the universal mount and the POW wallet are all great ideas and make the speaker more likely to stay with me on a daily basis. Getting close to eight hours of play back time on a two hour charge is pretty good to me, as you'll just about get through a typical work day, or through something more fun like a pool party, etc.

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Two wish list items would be for the speaker to include a longer charging cable, and for POW Audio to tone down their acknowledgement "chimes". When I started this review I was thinking that the price may be one of the negative features of this product. $80 is the current list price at, which is down from the launch price of around $100, but still quite high for a small Bluetooth speaker in my opinion. But, recently there has been a 25% off coupon available right on the product page at, which brings the total down to $59.99, which just feels like a much better deal to me. At this price, I would definitely recommend grabbing one, and maybe a second if you wanted to create a unified pair.

For its performance and cool features, the POW Audio Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker earns the "Recommended" and "Great Idea" awards.

Recommended Great Idea


Very good sound quality for such a small device
WaveBloom definitely enhances the sound quality while keeping the speaker quite compact
Unifying a pair of Mo speakers into a stereo setup is a great feature
Get almost eight hours of playback time using one speaker, a bit less with a pair of them unified
USB-C charging in convenient and fairly quick
Universal Mount and POW Wallet accessories are cool extras to have


Sound effects when turning it on/off and syncing two together are a bit over the top
USB-C charging cable is very short
No built in volume control - must be used with a device that can control volume

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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