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ASUS Sabertooth P67 Socket 1155 ATX Motherboard
Author: Chris McInnis
Manufacturer: ASUS
Source: ASUS
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April 02, 2012


As we've seen with most of ASUS' offerings recently, the Sabertooth P67 motherboard takes the same no nonsense approach to packaging. The brushed metal printed background and winged cutout help to create a theme that gets carried through to the product. In case you didn't notice (by the two different logos), this is a B3 revision motherboard - meaning it doesn't suffer from the eventual SATA degradation issues as the previous revision of the chipset. Also of note are the smaller logos on the bottom edge of the box that let the consumer know that they are purchasing a motherboard that uses the P67 chipset and that it supports the latest generation of Intel Core i-series processors.

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The back of the package offers a bit more information including some of the really cool features, important specifications, and a large image of the actual motherboard.

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Lifting the lid on the packaging, gives you more detailed information about those really cool features and a ton of images that help convey them. Along the bottom edge are six logos that point out those very features of the Sabertooth.

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Flipping the box top reveals the actual motherboard wrapped in an anti-static bag under a clear protective lid. This is a really nice approach to packaging that allows the consumer to get a full view of the product without rummaging unnecessarily through a package filled with accessories in order to get a glimpse of the board's layout - something more manufacturers should consider doing.

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