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NuBryte Touchpoint Smart Home Solution
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: NuBryte
Source: NuBryte
Purchase: Newegg
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December 12, 2016

The Basics:

The NuBryte Touchpoint is a sleek and attractive device, that looks a bit like a five inch mobile phone was embedded in a larger white square. The size of the entire device is about the size of your typical double gang wall switch cover plate, and I found that it was actually a bit smaller than the "mid-sized" plates I have on most of my switches. It definitely is a compact, simple device that I feel would look good in most environments.

Promo Image

The screen dominates the front of the Touchpoint, but there are a few other features to be found on the front and sides. There is a motion sensor, infrared/proximity sensor, speaker, microphone, temperature/humidity sensor, and the most obvious other feature... the HD camera.

The images below take a closer look at the camera lens, which is found centered on the front bezel, closer to the top edge. It is much like a mobile phone camera lens, except that this one has a manual shutter which you can use to ensure your privacy.

Review Image Review Image

As mentioned, the device is comprised of two main components, and the image below shows the back of the part that has the touchscreen on it. As you can see, there is an electrical connector near the middle/top, as well as four raised 'plugs' closer to each of the corners. The electrical connector will power the device, while the four plugs will hold it to the part of the device that attaches to your wall.

Review Image

The images below show the part that installs permanently to your wall. In the below left image you can see the mating electrical connector for the touchscreen, as well as four sockets that will receive the touchscreen's four plugs. What you can also see in this image is that there is a single circular power switch (a double gang version would have two), so that you can control your connected light, even if the touchscreen is removed. The center of the button controls power on/off, while the arrows on top and bottom of the on/off switch serve as dimmers. The back of this half of the device is shown in the below right image, where we see it is a fairly deep box, perhaps comparable to a digital dimmer. There are four clearly marked pigtails coming out of the back... load, light, neutral, and ground. Also note the maximum load is printed here... 150W for LED/CFL bulbs, and 300W for incandescent bulbs. The LED load should be suitable for most users, but if you are still using traditional bulbs, make sure you don't exceed this rating.

Review Image Review Image

The rating of this device made me have to choose the installation carefully, as some circuits I thought I wanted to use have multiple 75W/100W bulbs on them, and I did not want to damage the Touchpoint due to an overload. Another factor that helped guide the installation was the fact that you can not install it on a 3-way circuit. These two factors, plus the fact that I was reviewing the single gang version eliminated about 98% of the outlets in my house from contention. I wound up choosing the switch in a play area, which was a single gang switch, that controlled just one fixture that used 4x 9W LED bulbs.

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