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Nitrox x835 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
Author: Chris McInnis
Manufacturer: Nitrox
Source: Nitrox
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February 03, 2010

A while ago, the test lab received a box full of cell phone and Bluetooth goodies from mobile accessories newcomer Nitrox. In this review we will cover the last of those devices, the Nitrox x835 Bluetooth handsfree car kit, shown in the promotional image below.

Promo Image

Since they are relatively new to the market, and most folks may not be familiar with them, let's take a quick look at what Nitrox has to say about themselves on their website:

Get ready for Nitrox - the new brand born to create innovative solutions for the mobile marketplace. At Nitrox you will never find a mono headset. Our focus is innovation, BlueTooth™ stereo and hands-free kits, iPhone™ solutions - with an emphasis on function and quality. Nitrox was founded in 2008 in California USA. Nitrox has offices in USA, France, UK and Korea. Nitrox quality and function. This is our commitment to you. Test a Nitrox product and see for yourself.

And for more product specific information, here are the features and specifications for the x835 taken from the official product page on the Nitrox website.


» In the car - Simply slide it on to your car’s sun visor, pair it with up to 3 devices so even your passengers can make and receive calls. Get legal and safe when talking in the vehicle.

» At home - Enjoy the versatility of the x835 by using it as a table top hands free to share calls between family and friends in the comfort of your own home.

» At the office - Use the x835 in the office as a speaker phone for conference calling from your cell phone or share your skype calls whilst working offsite and improve your communication efficiency.

» Great outdoors - Stylish, light and portable, the x835 is a great outdoors device, ideal for chatting with friends while out and about, enjoying a picnic or even sitting by the pool.

» Simple - Pair the X835 with all existing and future mobile/smart phone devices that are compatible with both Headset and Handsfree Bluetooth/wireless communication protocol. Slide it on your car’s sun visor and you’re ready to talk and drive " it’s really that simple.

» Robust - Powerful speaker and dual microphone system delivers excellent audio quality guaranteed by the DSP noise reduction and echo cancellation means the X-Free 835’s punches well above the weight of its light and elegant design.

» Innovative - The X835’s OLED display is automatically inverted depending on whether the device is placed upright or upside down. So it doesn’t matter which way up the device is positioned you can always see the information about your calls including caller ID and Bluetooth connection and battery level statuses.

» Intelligent - Looking for an intelligent device? The X835 comes with ‘Automatic Mode Switching’ that sets the best talk environment depending on where the device is used. If clipped onto sun visor, it automatically enters into ‘Car Handsfree’ mode and when placed on a table, it enters into ‘Speakerphone’ mode.

» Sensitive - There’s no need to manually pair your phone with the X835 each time you want to use it in the car thanks to a movement detection sensor that links the 835 to your device automatically.

» Longevity - Go up to 400 hours in stand by without recharging the X835 or if you like a long chat talk continuously for up to 15 hours.


» Standards: Bluetooth Specification V2.0 compliant
» Radio Frequency Range: 2402 ~ 2480 MHz
» Profiles Supported: Headset, Handsfree
» Transmission Power: 0.25 ~ 2.5mW (Bluetooth Power Class 2)
» Receiver Sensitivity: < -80dBm (PER 1 %)
» Distance: 10m (in open space)
» Battery Life: Standby > 400 hrs, Talk time > 15 hrs
» Charging Time: < 3 hrs
» Charging Voltage: DC +5V (USB)
» Button/Switch: Multi-Function Button, Volume Up/Down, Mute/Hold Button
» Weight: 63g
» Operating Temp & Humidity: Temperature -10 ~ +50 C, Humidity 0 ~ 95%
» Certification: BQB, FCC, CE

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