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myCharge Adventure Jumpstart Portable Charger
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: myCharge
Source: myCharge
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January 04, 2019

Packaging and Accessories:

The myCharge Adventure JumpStarter comes in a full color hang tag package. On the front you'll find a picture of the power bank and jumper cables, as well as a specification for the battery capacity. At the bottom it also shows the unit in use as a jump starter and mentions its ability to charge other devices. The back has an outline drawing of the product and cables and details some additional spec and features. One side panel shows the unit in use as an emergency jump starter the other as a device charger.

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Sliding this cover off reveals a plastic tray. Right on top is a quick start guide and under that is the myCharge battery housing. Lifting this out of the tray reveals the jumper cables neatly held in place along with a small USB cable.

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While this packaging did keep the product secure, in my opinion it seems a bit cheap. But at the end of the day all of this just ends up getting recycled or tossed so I guess it doesn't matter.

The Basics:

The main component of the myCharge Adventure JumpStart is a rectangular battery pack. It has an attractive matte black metal chassis which is a good thing considering its intended use. This black color will hide some dirt and grime from working under your hood, but even on your desk the matte finish will not easily show fingerprints. In the bottom left corner there is the myCharge logo and in the top right you have the LED's for indicating battery charge levels. These LEDs light up blue to indicate 25, 50, 75 and 100% charged.

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At one end of the device you have your power button, a USB 5V 2.4A output port for charging, a small LED flashlight, a 5V 2.4A micro-USB input for recharging the device and finally there is a small rubber flap over the connections for the jump starter. At the other end you will find a built-in micro-USB cable end for charging your devices. They also included a little push tab to help you get the cable end out of the groove. Nice touch.

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The jumper cables seem to be well made and are color coded to help make sure you make the connections correctly. But even if you screw this up the controller (red box near connector) is designed to keep you from making a bad situation worse. The cable from the connector to the clamps is 10 gauge wire and the clamp appears to open wide enough to get on any standard auto battery terminal or lug. I also noticed that they soldered a connection wire from one clamp face to the other which is a good idea in case one isn't making a good contact. But what concerns me is this wire is only 24 gauge wire. This has significantly less current carrying capability compared to the main wire.

On one side of the controller they include instruction on how to use the device as a jump starter. This is super handy since most people will end up losing paper instructions in their glovebox; and if they lose this cable then they really are out of luck anyway.

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