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OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White Light Bulb
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Sylvania
Source: Sylvania
Purchase: Home Depot
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September 22, 2015

Bulb Comparison:

For comparison purposes, I gathered up a handful of compact fluorescent and LED bulbs to compare them to the Lightify tunable white LED bulb. The image below shows the Lightify bulb placed above 2700K Utilitech CCFL, a 3500K Sylvania CCFL, a 5000K EcoSmart CCFL, a 2700K Philips LED, a 2700K CREE LED, and a 3000K Utilitech LED. The Lightify bulb looks most like the Utilitech LED, with the main physical difference being that the Utilitech bulb weighs just a fraction of what the Lightify bulb does. Another difference is that the Utilitech bulb costs a fraction, as well (just under $2 versus just under $30).

Review Image

I decided to set up some reflectors aimed at a matte white sheet of paper in order to compare the light output of the difference bulbs. Most are 60W equivalent bulbs, so it should be interesting to compare the coloring and intensity.

This first image shows the Lightify bulb in the center reflector at 100% brightness while tuned to 2700K. On the left is the 2700K CREE bulb, and on the right is the 2700K Utilitech CCFL. The coloring looks about the same, but the CREE bulbs have always had that dark spot on the top which makes it look less powerful in this image.

Review Image

The next image shows the Lightify bulb on the left while tuned to 3000K and again at 100% brightness. To the right is the 3000K Utilitech bulb. They look nearly identical to me.

Review Image

Next we have the 3500K Sylvania CCFL to the left, with the Lightify bulb on the right while tuned to 3500K (and 100% brightness). The output of the Sylvania CCFL is rated as 1600 Lumens, which is double that of the Lightify bulb, but I would say it doesn't really look that way.

Review Image

The final image shows the LIGHTIFY bulb on the left, tuned to 5000K and 100% brightness. The LIGHTIFY bulb looks a bit more yellow than the CCFL in this shot, but upon a quick glance they are producing very similar light.

Review Image

Overall it is very impressive to see how quickly and smoothly this bulb can go from soft white to daylight. Comparing it to other bulbs satisfied my curiosity as to whether it could match other bulbs already installed in my home. I might want it to be in a room where everything else is 2700K, and in general I'd like this bulb to match. But, being able to crank it up to a whiter light output would definitely be nice for activities where a whiter light would be useful.

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