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leakSMART Complete Home Water Protection Shut-off System
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: leakSMART
Source: leakSMART
Purchase: eBay
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May 08, 2017

In Use - Wink Hub:

After hearing of my experience a buddy decided he needed to get one of these systems installed. At his house he has an original Wink hub running most of his home automation. After he got his set up he started having issues with battery life. Since I had already been in contact with leakSMART and knew about firmware revision 34 we checked his system, sure enough he was on an outdated firmware. As you can see in the screen cap below the firmware was revision 26. Again leakSMART confirmed the latest had been supplied to Wink but it has not been pushed to field devices yet.

Review Image

You can also see in the screen cap above you can also configure the system to alert you to low battery conditions and if the devices drops offline. Additional screens allow you to view current status, battery level, last refresh, activity log and to make a robot as can be seen in the screen caps below.

Review Image Review Image

The robots are what allow you to set how your system reacts to detected leaks and how and when you’ll be notified. These robots give Wink great flexibility in configuring the system to meet your needs and best of all it is free. Much of the same can be done with Iris but you have to pay for their Premium plan which runs $9.99/mo. By default the system is configured to close the valve as soon as a leak is detected. In this system that is disabled and it is currently set up to send a push notification when a sensor sees water, then if the water is present for one minute it will then shut the valve off, again sending another push notification. But should you choose, you could also have it flash the lights in your house or use your siren so people are aware of the problem. As with Iris you also have the flexibility of adding other water sensing devices that can be tied to the valve operation, not just leakSMART branded ones.

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Conclusion - Wink Hub:

Overall Wink is a solid option that is only held back by its lack of local processing. The Wink 2 hub is said to expand upon the local processing but it is not clear if this would include the valve operation. It appears as if you would not be able to use robots to control the valve or get alerts but the default action to close immediately on leak detection may function.


» No monthly cost to customize response
» Can use any Wink supported leak sensor


» No local processing
» Potentially outdated firmware
» No alert option to receive phone call

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