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Author: Jason Kohrs
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July 23, 2009

In Use:

In order to test the capabilities of the KVM Console to USB 2.0 Crash Cart Adapter it was connected to a number of systems, and where possible each one was used to try and access the others in a round robin kind of arrangement. The following list details the basics regarding each system used during testing.

System 1 - Windows XP (32-Bit) - Native VGA connection
System 2 - Windows Vista (32-Bit) - Native VGA connection
System 3 - Windows Vista (64-Bit) - Native VGA connection
System 4 - Windows 7 RC (64-Bit) - Native VGA connection
System 5 - Windows 7 RC (64-Bit) - DVI to VGA adaptor
System 6 - Xandros Linux (32-Bit) - Native VGA connection

The software is not Linux compatible, so the Xandros based system could only be used as a server in the tests, and not as a host. Otherwise, each system was given a chance to control, and be controlled by, the other systems.

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Initial testing was conducted using the software provided on the USB flash drive, and things did not go as well as planned. I would highly recommend visiting the downloads page for this product on the website, in order to make sure you have the latest release. The software on the flash drive presented a handful of issues while running in Windows Vista 64-Bit, and would not run in Windows 7 at all. With the latest software downloaded, things worked well on all of the Windows operating systems used.

The Windows XP (32-Bit) system was tested first, and it was quite easy to connect to every other system on the list. The software installed quickly and easily, and gaining access to the other systems was pretty much a matter of plug and play.

The same could be said of the second system tested, the one running Windows Vista (32-Bit). While the XP system just needed the software and drivers to be installed in one step, on this Vista system it didn't completely install the drivers. After installing the software, the adapter was connected as instructed, and I was forced to navigate to install the drivers separately. Once that extra bit of work was completed it worked fine while accessing all systems.

Next up was the Windows Vista (64-Bit) system, which was followed by the two Windows 7 RC systems (also 64-Bit). While their were issues while using the original software, with the latest download from the site the installation was as quick and easy as I experienced with Windows XP. It was with the Windows 7 RC systems that I also tested whether a DVI to VGA adapter would have an impact on the video displayed by the crash cart adapter, and it most definitely did not.

While there isn't software available to use a Linux system as the host, that does not mean you can not control a Linux system from a Windows based PC. The process was just as quick and easy as using a Windows system to control another Windows system.

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