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Kidz Gear Wired and Wireless Headphones
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Kidz Gear
Source: Kidz Gear
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March 24, 2010

IR Transmitter Basics:

The IR transmitter came in a plain white box, and includes an AC adapter, the IR transmitter, and an audio cable to connect to devices with the old RCA style audio connections.

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The back of the IR transmitter only has one plug which is for the AC power adapter.

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There just isn't much to discuss regarding the IR transmitter.


First, let me say I am not an audiophile; I know what I like to hear, however that doesn't make me an expert. It only tells me what I like. Testing of audio products is mostly subjective. If the audio is clear, no crackles/pops/hiss, sufficient bass, etc then it should be sufficient for most people. If you are looking for studio quality, you probably won't get that out of a $20 set of headphones intended for kids. What you should expect is exactly what I said above.

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These were tested in three vehicles with built-in IR transmitting DVD systems.

» Dodge Grand Caravan SE
» Ford Escape
» Toyota Sienna XLE

The IR transmitter was also connected to an iPod for listening at home.

Each of the headphones sounded great. The audio was crisp and clear, even at full volume. The bass level was sufficient. I compared these to an older pair of Sony headphones, and was unable to tell the difference (other than comfort).

In each of the vehicles listed above, the wired and wireless headphones connected without any issues. It was obvious that these are IR and need line-of-sight to work. When in the back of the vehicle, the sound was perfect, no snaps or other annoying noise. If the headset was moved to the front of the vehicle, the sound would break up and would only receive a portion of the audio.

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