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ioSafe Solo 500GB Rugged USB External Hard Drive
Author: Blake James
Manufacturer: ioSafe
Source: ioSafe
Purchase: ioSafe
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September 02, 2009


Now that we have seen what the ioSafe Solo looks like, it is time to connect it to a PC. When I think of a hard drive that is designed to protect data, my work laptop comes to mind. So I decided to test the ioSafe Solo on my Dell Precision M65 laptop. To test the efficiency of the ioSafe Solo I will be using a program called HD Tune. For comparison it will be pitted against the Western Digital My Book 500GB.

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First we have our ioSafe Solo with an average transfer rate of 26.0 MB/sec, burst rate of 20.2 MB/sec and access time of 15.1ms.

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Followed by the Western Digital My Book hitting an average transfer rate of 26.1 MB/sec, burst rate of 20.6MB/sec and an access time of 19.8 ms.

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When all is said and done performance wise, the ioSafe Solo is slightly quicker than the My Book. While speed is not the primary focus on the ioSafe Solo, I found it very refreshing that it was not forgotten about or sacrificed.

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