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ICY DOCK MB492SKL-B, MB491SKL-B, and MB973SP-2B Drive Bays
Author: Richard Jackson
Manufacturer: ICY DOCK
Source: ICY DOCK
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December 23, 2015

In Use:

The initial plan was to use these three ICY DOCK devices in two different HTPC systems. One system features a 2.5" SSD for the operating system and three 3.5" drives for DVR recordings. The MB491SKL-B was to be installed to house the SSD, and the MB973SP-2B was to be installed to house the array of DVR drives. A nearly identical HTPC I use features a 2.5" hybrid drive for the operating system and a 5400RPM 2.5" hard drive for media files. This system was to receive the MB492SKL-B. But, when the SATA power connector broke off of the MB491SKL-B, the two remaining devices were installed and tested in the one system with the 2.5" SSD and the three 3.5" drives.

The image below shows what the inside of this system looked like before installing the ICY DOCK devices. The SSD was screwed to the bottom of the case, while the 3.5" drives occupied two internal and one external drive bay. Installation was tricky due to the tight quarters, the proximity to the CPU fan, and the location of the SSD mount meant only certain cables could be used without interfering with the floor of the case.

Review Image

The below left image shows the back side of the two bay MB492SKL-B, which was installed first. I switched to orange cables since I had five that matched, because they provide good contrast against the black insides of the case, and they were shorter than the previously used blue ones - leaving less cable management to be done. The below right image shows the MB492SKL-B and the MB973SP-2B installed in the same case. The only issue with the installation with either device came from the MB973SP-2B, as something in the 5.25" drive bay area interfered with the housing of the MB973SP-2B. I had to bend a bit of the sheet metal of the case's drive area, but didn't do that until a few gouges were put in to the sides of the MB973SP-2B (slightly visible in the image below)

Review Image Review Image

As with the previous set of images, we have a look at the two bay MB492SKL-B on its own first. It fits well from the outside view too, and access to the drive bays is very easy. Since only one drive is the MB492SKL-B, and I can now easily add another drive at any time without opening up the system. For example, If I ever discover that the OS drive is failing or performing poorly, I can pop in a new drive, clone the old drive to the new, and remove the old one.

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The above right image shows both drive bays installed. I am most excited about the MB973SP-2B, as this array of DVR drives has historically required the most maintenance. The MB973SP-2B would have been very convenient earlier this year when I upgraded from 2TB to 3TB drives, or even earlier when one of the 2TB drives died and had to be replaced. With the MB973SP-2B, I can just open the appropriate door, slide out the old drive, and slide in the new drive. Previously, I had to open up the system, unbolt the drives, disconnect the cables, remove the CPU cooler to make room for the drive to slide out, and the whole process was rather time consuming. Now it would be just a few seconds really. I hope nothing bad happens, but I am far more prepared in case something does.

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