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Kingston HyperX Savage 960GB SATA III SSD
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Kingston
Source: Kingston
Purchase: Newegg Business
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August 12, 2016

Testing (continued):

AS SSD Benchmark 1.9.5986:

The last benchmark we will use is AS SSD, which is designed for testing the read and write performance of just solid state drives. Results graphed below are all provided in units of MB/s, and higher is always better. Instead of running the base set of tests in the benchmark, we have gone to the optional ISO, Program, and Game copy tests.

The ISO test places two large ISO files on the target drive and then moves to another folder on the drive. The results below show that the HyperX Savage drive is able to do this at a rate of 448.5 MB/s, the fastest of the drives on hand.

The Program test uses multiple smaller, uncompressed files for a test that also copies them from one folder to another on the same drive. The 960GB Kingston drive is very good at this test too, but the 750GB Crucial drive is even better.

The Game test uses a mix of file sizes that are also mixed between compressed and uncompressed. In this test, the HyperX Savage is just a bit north of the middle of the road.

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