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Genius Ergo 8800 Wireless Mouse
Author: Richard Jackson
Manufacturer: Genius
Source: Genius
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May 28, 2014

In Use:

As mentioned on the previous page, the mouse fits nicely in my hand, which I would consider to be about average for an adult male. People with small hands may find this mouse to be too wide, as my hand almost felt a bit stretched while resting all five fingers in place. Button placement was comfortable, and I was able to left click, right click, and scroll without issue. Accesssing the DPI adjustment button and the hyper scroll button were also easy enough taskes to complete. I am not a big fan of buttons by the thumb, as they never seem convenient to me... maybe my thumb just doesn't bend the right way, but this mouse was no different than any other.

What I really liked about this mouse is that the mouse clicks provide solid feedback to you, but not everyone else around you. What I mean is that I could feel the click for confirmation of my action, and I could barely hear it, but the click was not ridiculously loud like so many other mice are. No one else needs to know I clicked, and I don't need to know that anyone else in the room clicked either. In addition to a solid feel click-wise, the whole mouse feels rather solidly made. It is not heavy, but it feels well built and there is no creaking or flexing to make you think it won't last.

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The resolution settings (800, 1200 and 1600 DPI) are on the low side compared to other mice on the market, but for everyday use and some casual gaming they should be sufficient. To change resolution you press the button and look for the red LED to confirm the setting. One flash equals 800, two flashes equals 1200, and three flashes equals 1600. Pressing the button repeatedly will cycle from low to high, and then back to low again to start the cycle all over again. The three settings aren't extremely different, so while using the mouse for typical desktop applications I go between 800 and 1600 DPI only.

The pico USB receiver is also a big plus to me. I like that it protrudes from the USB port about as little as you might expect to be possible. This keeps it out of sight and keeps things from getting snagged on it. Large receivers, especially on a laptop computer, are just invitations to damage.

The battery life is rated for far longer than I can possibly test in this review. The included AA batteries are rather generic, and have held up just fine in the few weeks I have had this unit. I would be surprised if they can really last up to 36 months, but considering the mouse powers down automatically after a certain period of inactivity, it is possible.

The main complaint I have while using this mouse is that the bottom is appaprently not completely flat. When used on a hard surface, like a desktop or the glass mouse mat I have, the mouse wobbles from front to back, like a table with one short leg. Even when the mouse is stationary, using the scroll wheel is enough to get it wobbling, too. This is annoying, but the simplest solution is to use a mouse mat with even the slightest amount of give. Using a thin vinyl mat was enough to absorb the difference in height from front to back and completely eliminate the wobbling action.

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