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EZVIZ Husky 1080P WiFi/PoE Security Bullet Camera
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: EZVIZ
Source: EZVIZ
Purchase: Newegg
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February 03, 2017


Much like the EZVIZ Mini Plus we reviewed earlier, the image quality is excellent in both day and night modes. Unfortunately I initially mounted this camera in the rear of my home and during that time someone cut some of the wires on our Christmas decorations. So I moved this to the front porch facing the walkway to the door and the driveway to try to either deter future modifications or catch them in the act. While I never caught any vandals I did learn a bit about the camera's capabilities and limitations.

Images captured during the day have good color and sharpness. Even in low light conditions you still get good images with reasonable noise levels. As you can see in the screen captures below, you can also zoom in on the image. As you do you will notice more noise in the image but considering these were taken at sunset on a foggy day they are pretty good.

Review Image Review Image

Review Image Review Image

The night vision claims to have a 100 foot range. If you are expecting to be able to be able to see who is coming at that distance you'll be disappointed. But this camera does allow you to see if there is motion out about 100 feet in the center of the frame if you have everything set up correctly. By that I mean you really need to be careful how this is mounted and what is nearby. When I initially set this up I had snowflake lights hanging from the gutter, which reflected so much of the IR light back you'd be lucky to make out anything as can be seen in the picture below. But once those were gone the real IR performance shines through. I am not sure that it translates in these screen captures, but when viewing through the app I was able to make out the mailbox which is a good 75-80 feet away. So when setting up this camera you need to be careful what is located nearby and be aware of how it will affect the IR Performance.

Review Image Review Image

The app functions the same way as described for the Mini Plus, you can select Video History and see all of the captured events. Please also keep in mind how the mounting location and items in the FOV will affect what triggers the motion sensing. I live in a relatively windy area so the flag on the porch and these snowflake lights are in perpetual motion. With these in place I was not able to find a motion setting that didn't trigger false alarms and would still catch someone coming to the door. But with these gone I was able to find the sweet spot.

I am very impressed with this camera's enclosure. During the test period we saw temperatures in the single digits, snow sleet, heavy fog, rain, heavy winds, you name it. At no time did it ever act up, mount slip or have a foggy lens. I saw no difference in time to load live view when it was 3 degrees or 50. Overall I have little doubt you can mount this fully exposed and not have any issues.

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