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Kingston Data Traveler 2000 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: Kingston
Source: Kingston
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July 10, 2016

Installation and Operation (continued):

To remove the timeout feature you follow the same chart from the previous page, but use the default time of 00.

You can also chose to put the drive in read only mode by following the below instructions, again the 76 code was to designate Read Only on the keypad.

To set the drive back to read/write mode you do the following, again 79 was chosen to represent Read Write on the keypad.

Overall the device is very easy to use and set up, even for someone that has big fingers like me. I had no trouble accurately entering the passcode, which is a good thing, because after 10 unsuccessful attempts the device automatically wipes all data and resets itself to default conditions to mitigate brute-force attacks. This is why it is critical to keep that cover on the drive when not in use. You don't want some buttons being accidentally pushed and your data getting wiped out. I did however purposely enter the wrong passcode 10 times just to confirm the feature works as promised.

I also confirmed you can change your passcode at anytime without losing your stored data. I could see this being helpful if you think either your passcode was compromised, or you want to give someone temporary access to the data but don't want them to know your code. This way you don't have to move data off, change the code, then move it back.

Kingston also includes an LED guide in the manual to help you determine what state your device is in as shown below.

Something else worth noting is this device doesn't need any software on the host devices. So you can take this to any computer and be able to access your data or insert it into any host device and it will be recognized just like any other USB drive. Very cool indeed.

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