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Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger Gaming Keyboard
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Source: Cooler Master
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September 07, 2012


In use, I am very impressed with the Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger gaming keyboard. The feel of the unit as a whole is very solid, and I am sure this could be a reliable keyboard for years longer than most other units I have used. Everything about the keys is nice too... from the feel and responsiveness, to the layout, and especially the back-lighting. The back-light intensity can be adjusted to different levels, and the option to have just the heavily used gaming keys illuminated was pretty cool to me.

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Functionally, my only issues with the Trigger was related to the back-lighting, even though it did work very well when used by the book. I was annoyed that a power adapter was required to make allow for all modes of back-light operation, especially since a power adapter was not included. I don't think a keyboard should ever require its own power supply, so I would have preferred that those two modes be eliminated as well as the 5VDC power connection. Additionally, I happened to try the keyboard with other USB cables, and even though they seemed to be of decent quality and allowed the basic functions of the keyboard to work - the back-lighting only worked with the Cooler Master provided cable attached!

Shopping around find the Cm Storm Trigger for sale for close to $120 (US). To me, that is alot of money for a keyboard - and no matter how nice it is I would be hard pressed to justify that personally. My 'daily driver' keyboard is a Logitech G15 which cost about $40 less when it was new, and I thought it was expensive. But, the quality and customizable features of the Trigger far exceeds that of the G15 and any other keyboard I have used. In addition, the use of Cherry switches is going to add a premium price tag to any keyboard, so that also pushes the Trigger's price up.

The bottom line is that the CM Storm Trigger is a great keyboard for gamers, or for everyday users willing to fork over about $120 (US) for a keyboard. With that said, it earns the "Recommended" and "Gaming Approved" awards.

Recommended Gaming Approved


» Very well built
» Excellent feel and responsiveness to the keys
» Back-lighting is very well done
» Highly customizable
» Software application is attractive and well done


» Additional power adapter (not included) required for full back-light functionality
» Could only get back-lighting to work with included USB cable
» Price tag of about $120 (US)

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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