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CES 2010 - Wrap-up
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: CES
Source: CES
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January 19, 2010


IoSafe is known for their "Disaster Proof" hard drives. These include internal, external, and NAS capable devices. The past devices were fireproof and waterproof. Rated for 1550F for 30 minutes, and under 10 feet of water for three days, these devices will protect your precious data. While this should not be the only place your data is stored, this is a great place for your back-up data.

Recognizing that fire and water are not the only potential disasters, IoSafe has introduced a new IoSafe product; the Solo SSD. As the name implies it is based on SSD, this is because this IoSafe drive will protect against fire, water, 1000g shocks, 20 foot drops, and crushing. While IoSafe states it will protect the drive for up to 5,000lb, their demonstration provided substantially more weight.

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To demonstrate what the IoSafe Solo SSD can go through, they attempted to destroy one of them. First up, fire! Baked with a standard hard drive (in a baking pan) at approximately 1,300F for 10 minutes, the standard hard drive is fried (the baking pan is warped as well). The IoSafe SSD looks pretty damaged as well.

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The destruction didn't stop there, next up was a fire hose. Spraying the IoSafe SSD while it was still hot for 5 minutes, then the Solo SSD was allowed to sit in the water for another 10 minutes. This 10 minutes is a short time compared to the 3 days it is rated for.

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Finally, we get to see the new disaster proofing in action. A nice 20ft drop onto concrete is done by a 35,000lb tracked backhoe.

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The weight of the backhoe is critical as it is rated for up to 5,000lbs. To demonstrate what the IoSafe SSD can withstand for crushing, the backhoe drove over the IoSafe Solo SSD! Crushing what was left of the Solo SSD. Track marks were readily visible in the rubble.

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After digging out the drive, it was cleaned off and removed from the armor plating. The armor plating is 1/4" on all sides. The drive looks pristine as it is removed from the armor plating. Held next to the standard hard drive from the fire, the difference is remarkable. All the data that was on the SSD was intact.

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