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CES 2010 - Wrap-up
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: CES
Source: CES
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January 19, 2010


Razer is well known for developing and manufacturing high quality keyboards, mice, and accessories specifically for gamers. They are preparing to move into a new market, the X-Box 360.

Expected to debut in the second half of 2010, the Razer Onza will have all the features you expect in an X-Box 360 controller. However, Razer is not happy developing just another 360 controller; they have greatly enhanced it. A working prototype was on display and available for game testing.

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The Onza has two additional features; two multi-function buttons located between the triggers and the shoulder buttons and an adjustable tension on the two joysticks. The multi-function buttons can easily be assigned any of the other buttons (A, B, X, Y, Thumb Buttons), or as a rapid fire option. The adjustable tension is a great feature as it allows you to have a loose controller for some games, and then make the controls tight for other games. It is a matter of preference on how you like your controller.

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Razer is also releasing a new wireless headset which will provide 5.1 channel sound. In addition to working on the 360, it will also work for your home theater. It provides a simple pass-through for your home theater audio. If the 360 is off, it will automatically select the home theater channel. Also, as this headphone only works for audio, you will need a microphone for voice, which must be connected to the 360 controller.

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For those that prefer PC gaming, you have nothing to fear. Razer is not going to leave PC gaming, in fact they are in the process of developing a wireless 3D controller by Sixense for the PC. Similar to what the Wii has, but on different technology. Instead of being IR, it will use a magnetic field for tracking (no gyroscope or accelerometer). This dual hand motion will allow you to have free floating controls in games which should help response time. A working prototype was available, while it still had some glitches, it was fun to hack zombies apart in Left 4 Dead. The biggest drawback with this is the magnetic field, it provides a 6 foot radius of the receiver. Look for this near the end of the year.

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