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Breadcrumb Mini Portable Bluetooth Location Marker
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Breadcrumb
Source: Breadcrumb
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August 06, 2019

Bluetooth technology is nothing new, but it continues to be used in new ways, making it a simple solution to many novel situations. Breadcrumb recognizes the ability Bluetooth has to make items trackable, and they have developed two products meant to take the power of Bluetooth into the outdoors. In late 2015 into early 2016, the founders of what would become Breadcrumb got together and started working on their first product... the Bluetooth Nock. Those familiar with archery know that the nock is the notched end of the arrow that is held against the bow string while shooting. With this invention, you can track your arrow and find your target even if it doesn't fall where struck. In 2017 they developed their second product, and the subject of this review, the Bluetooth Location Marker. This compact, watertight device can be used to keep track of any item, but for the outdoorsman it may be of particular interest to mark the location of a tree stand, or perhaps a backpack that had to be put down to lighten the load while hunting.

Promo Image

The promotional image above shows the Bluetooth Location Marker, and considering that those are two AAA batteries showing through the translucent blue housing, you can get a sense of the device's size. You can also see that there are five LED indicators on this side (four in the circle of the logo and one towards the bottom) which will help guide you to your device once you are within Bluetooth range. Before checking out more on the Breadcrumb Location Marker provided for review, let's check out some of the published data on it, as taken from the official product page on the Breadcrumb site...

Features and Specifications:

» PCB / PROCESSOR - This powerful microprocessor allows you to track locations with our free mobile app and remotely activate the light and/or sound beacons.

» ULTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHTS - Reveal your tree stand or equipment with a flash of five ultra-bright LED lights

» SOUND CHIP & SPEAKER - If your gear or stand is out of eyesight, simply activate the sound beacon to call your attention.

» BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER - Bluetooth technology allows you to easily track of your Location Markers up to 150 yards away.

» BATTERY POWERED - Using two lithium AAA batteries, the Breadcrumb Bluetooth Tree Stand Location Marker is armed and ready.

» WATERTIGHT GASKET - Breadcrumb Location Markers stand up to all kinds of weather with a rubber O-ring seal that confidently locks out the elements.

Basically, the device will pair with your mobile device via Bluetooth using Breadcrumb's app, and your device's location capabilities will let you remember the position of the Location Marker (as accurately as your GPS allows), so that you can return to the location yourself or share the location with friends. Once you navigate back to where your phone's GPS leads you, you can detect the Location Marker with Bluetooth via the app and trigger it to either flash the lights or to flash the lights and sound the beacon to lead you to the exact spot/item you have marked.

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