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Batteroo Boost Battery Life Extender
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: Batteroo
Source: Batteroo
Purchase: Indiegogo
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May 23, 2018

Last year I went to a trade show and spoke with the inventor of Batteroo. The presentation almost sounded too good to be true, citing a recent study that showed most discarded batteries had up to 80% of the original energy still stored inside. Of course their device can solve this problem by maximizing all of your alkaline batteries. Currently the product is for sale through Indiegogo and directly from their website, where a 4-pack of AA Batteroos is $10 plus shipping.

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Features and Specifications:

The Batteroo device is a thin sleeve that is designed to hold your battery, in this case a AA. Once you insert the battery into your device the Batteroo electronics maintain a 1.5V output. Batteroo constructs this sleeve with the electronics hidden in the positive terminal. The electronics then control the voltage output from each cell to maximize life of each disposable alkaline battery. Below are some of the claims made on the packaging.

Works in most devices
Maximize performance
Extend life of batteries
Optimize new batteries

Packaging and Accessories:

The version of Batteroo sleeves we received was a package of four for AA batteries (they are also available for AAA, C, and D batteries). They were packaged in a fairly standard looking cardboard hanging package. It does a good job of conveying the purpose of the product and capturing your attention with its bright yellow on black front.

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Opening the package you find a plastic clamshell with the sleeves neatly contained inside.

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The Basics:

Opening the clamshell you'll find each Batteroo Boost ready for use. These samples were red which I believe indicates they are for alkaline use only. The negative end of the device is very thin and in fact is just a metal tab. The positive end houses all the electronics that make this device work, but the positive terminal is created by a few tabs of bent sheet metal.

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