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ARCHOS TV+ 80GB WiFi Digital Video Recorder
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Archos
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October 05, 2010


While Archos has stepped away from manufacturing and developing the Archos TV+, there is a market for them - even refurbished models. If the Archos TV+ meets your needs, this is a great product to bring into your home theater. Similar products are available (AppleTV, Seagate GoFlex TV, Western Digital TV), and each will have its strengths and weaknesses.

The Archos TV+ provides the ability to not only store and play content, but it can also create content acting as a DVR. This was not reviewed as other required hardware to test this feature was not available (no cable box, satellite receiver, etc). The best feature on the Archos TV+ (which I have not seen another media player that is capable of) is the ability to shuffle videos.

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While the Archos TV+ is a great device, there are always little things that should be looked at. When copying files in the file browser, you have the option to copy the entire folder or individual files. There is no way to copy multiple files. The Archos TV+ is limited to a low maximum resolution, and it would be obviously nice if it was capable of at least 720p. Purchasing extra plug-ins to enhance the usage of the TV+ is one way to keep the price down, however it also hurts the functionality of the device out of the box. New devices include the functions performed by the plug-ins.

As Archos is no longer producing the TV+, fewer places are selling them as they sell out. Checking Google's shopping page shows it is available at multiple locations starting at around $100 and up to $175 for a new device. occasionally has the refurbished Archos TV+ available for $79.99, but is presently sold out. This is lower than the best price found elsewhere, and if you want to wait to see if they come back in to stock, will notify you if/when they receive additional units.


» Easy to use
» Shuffles videos
» 80GB of internal storage
» Integrated IR transmitter
» Great remote control


» Very basic features and interface compared to other media players
» Have to purchase additional plug-ins to access many features included on other devices
» DVR functionality only with additional hardware
» Not high definition

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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