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AlienVibes EP02 Headphones
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Ineo Technology
Source: Ineo Technology
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October 24, 2012

Testing and Quality:

In order to test the AlienVibes EP02 headphones, various sources of audio were selected. The sources included the Apple iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S3, and the on-board audio of the Asus Sabertooth 990FX motherboard.

In addition to using the above listed hardware, various forms of music was selected to provide a wide range of sounds.

Miles Davis - ByeBye Blackbird
Neon Trees - Everybody Talks
Carrie Underwood - Blown Away
Kayne West - Clique
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Black Sabbath - Iron Man

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The biggest feature of these headphones is the active noise cancelling. If you happen to be in a noisy environtment, the active noise cancelling is a key selling point. Standing approximately 2 feet away and speaking in a normal voice, the active noise cancellation feature eliminates the sound of the voices so the only way to know they are speaking is by the moving of their lips. Several people tried the headphones, and every one of them was impressed by the noise cancelling capabilities.

Usually headphones that fold are not preferred as I have always found them to be uncomfortable, and my hair would occassionaly get caught in the folded parts which is a little painful when it is ripped out. The AlienVibes EP02 did not catch any hair in the week I spent testing and using them.

So how do the AlienVibes EP02 headphones sound? I was pleasantly surprised at how rich and deep the sound was. Listening to all types of music I was able to hear everything crisp and clearly at any volume level. While turning the volume on full was too much for my ears to handle, the headphones handled it perfectly. I could use them as temporary speakers if I needed to in an emergency! The bass levels were more than sufficient - In songs with heavy bass, such as Foreigner's Jukebox Hero, I could feel the bass response from the headphones.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the AlienVibes EP02 headphones, but keep in mind that these are a pre-production sample. In an office setting with many fluorescent lights overhead, there were many pops and snaps in the right earcup. When I would leave the area with the lights, the sound would go away. Likewise, when I would be walking around the house, I would get a dull thumping when I would be beneath an overhead fan. During any of these situations, if I would turn my head the sound would change. However, it should be said that once the music started up, these sounds weren't noticeable, unless it was a quiet spot. This issue was brought up to AlienVibes, and they have stated that the issue has been resolved. The pre-production models did not have the proper EMI film to protect it from interference. They will provide a production model when they are available so we can verify the issue does not happen in the version available at retail.

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